When is A&E on?

A&EA car chase across Birmingham ends in multiple casualties, an engineer crushes his hand under half a tonne of steel and a football tackle goes wrong for a thirteen year old boy. S3/Ep20Wed, Dec 13, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA woman is rushed into hospital after she has been trapped upside down in her overturned car. S1/Ep1Wed, Dec 13, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EIt's another hectic day for staff at Warrington hospital as fears grow a teenage rugby player may have broken his neck. S1/Ep2Thu, Dec 14, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA little girl's broken arm ruins her parent's plans for a night on the Orient Express, while nurses help a boy who was hurt in a skiing accident in France. S1/Ep3Thu, Dec 14, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EIt's a scary time for staff as they get into their chemical suits as they try to decontaminate a patient who has been exposed to chlorine gas. S1/Ep4Fri, Dec 15, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EDoctors fear that a boy involved in a terrible road accident may have paralysing injuries. S1/Ep5Fri, Dec 15, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EBad weather conditions see Dhanjal admitted to A&E with a broken arm. Robert has a twisted knee, while Jane-Anne is injured when her car skids on ice. S2/Ep4Fri, Dec 15, 10:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe team looks after police motorcyclist Steve after an accident. Meanwhile, baby Emma has swallowed a hair clip, and victims of a motorway crash are admitted. S2/Ep5Fri, Dec 15, 10:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EStaff are puzzled as they try to work out why a man collapsed in the street without warning. S1/Ep6Mon, Dec 18, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EDoctors treat a seriously injured man who comes into the A&E following a road traffic accident. S1/Ep7Mon, Dec 18, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EParamedics are worried as a man may lose his sight after his face was engulfed in a fireball in his burger van. S1/Ep8Tue, Dec 19, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EDrama strikes again when a tiny toddler crushes his hand in the door and ambulance crews are called to a house where a man has fallen down the stairs. S1/Ep9Tue, Dec 19, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins


A&EA deer causes a serious collision on the M6 leaving a man critically injured and an earring lost inside a woman's ear needs to be retrieved in A&E. S3/Ep19Tue, Dec 12, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance rescues a woman thrown from a car, an active 72-year-old woman breaks her hip and Tim's dreams of crossing the London Marathon finish line may be doomed. S3/Ep18Tue, Dec 12, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA young man has multiple injuries after a car crash, the air ambulance flies to the rescue of a motorcyclist in a remote wood and a partially sighted woman slices her thumb. S3/Ep17Mon, Dec 11, 10:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EParamedics fly to the rescue of an injured walker, a man is in danger of having his finger amputated and the air ambulance flies to the scene of a horrific car crash. S3/Ep16Mon, Dec 11, 10:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EBuffeted by high winds, Claire's car crashes into traffic signals. She is rushed to A&E, where the team discovers she has a fractured skull. S2/Ep3Fri, Dec 8, 10:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EMechanic Glenn is taken to A&E with a lacerated neck. Other patients include Jayne, who has collapsed at the gym, and Deborah, who is hallucinating. S2/Ep2Fri, Dec 8, 10:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance rescues a car crash victim with possible brain damage, a man faces losing a finger after it's pulled into a saw and a night on the town comes to a painful end. S3/Ep15Fri, Dec 8, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance fly to the rescue of a farmer, paramedics mount a search to find an elderly patient who has fallen and warehouse worker Mike crushes his thumb at work. S3/Ep14Fri, Dec 8, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA man is impaled on a ladder in a freak accident, the air ambulance fly to the rescue of a rider who has been crushed by his horse and a walker arrives in A&E for a second opinion. S3/Ep13Thu, Dec 7, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe trauma team fight to save the life of a pedestrian after he is hit by a car, the air ambulance fly to the rescue of a young snowboarder and a fashion student stitches herself. S3/Ep12Thu, Dec 7, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance rescue a 19-year-old who is trapped in his car, a chemical spill at work leaves a man with serious burns, and a walk with the dog ends in disaster. S3/Ep11Wed, Dec 6, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ESam's car slips on black ice and into a ditch. Jonathan scalds his foot inside his wellington boot and rider Colin hurts his neck after landing head first after a fall. S3/Ep10Wed, Dec 6, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance flies to the rescue when Biker Bryn veers off the road. Mitch cuts his hand with a Stanley knife and 15-year-old Dylan has surgery on his broken nose. S3/Ep9Tue, Dec 5, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance flies to six-year-old Trinity who has suspected meningitis and teenager Dan's snowball fight ends in an operation on a deep cut on his knee. S3/Ep8Tue, Dec 5, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EWhen a woman crashes twenty feet from a window, the air ambulance doctor carries out an emergency procedure on the pavement, and a jogger is hit by a passing car. S3/Ep7Mon, Dec 4, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EWhen Ben slashes an artery in his hand he ends up having plastic surgery; and a man who breathed in carbon monoxide gas is saved by a mercy dash to Merseyside. S3/Ep6Mon, Dec 4, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe A&E team looks after Elizabeth, a seven-year-old who sustained serious head and neck injuries when a 38-tonne lorry pushed her family's car off the road. S2/Ep1Fri, Dec 1, 10:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EIn A&E a little girl is brought in after pushing a crayon deep into her ear. S1/Ep15Fri, Dec 1, 10:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance races to save a man collapsed with a heart attack and six-year-old Matthew is brought into A&E after being bitten by a spider. S3/Ep5Fri, Dec 1, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance rescues Richard when his car rolls over, rugby player Alex dislocates his finger, and Brandon comes to A&E attention after pushing popcorn up his nose. S3/Ep4Fri, Dec 1, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA van driver needs air ambulance help when he collides with an 18 ton lorry, and a woman crashes her car through a wall and into a neighbour's garden. S3/Ep3Thu, Nov 30, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA tandem bike-ride ends in disaster. Angela is attacked by a dog and left with facial scars and the air ambulance flies to the scene of a serious car crash. S3/Ep2Thu, Nov 30, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance flies to the rescue of a man who has crashed his car into a lamp-post and A&E doctors find the reason for a toddler's painful leg. S3/Ep1Wed, Nov 29, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance is sent to the scene of a car accident on a dual carriageway involving 59-year-old Eleanor and her family. The crew arrive to assess the situation. S2/Ep30Wed, Nov 29, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ETwenty-one-year-old Kevin is driving on the M6 when traffic slows down. His van becomes sandwiched between two lorries and the air ambulance crew need to cut him free. S2/Ep29Tue, Nov 28, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EEighteen-year-old Jonathon falls from a horse and has an epileptic-type seizure. Luckily a doctor is watching the event and is able to treat him at the scene. S2/Ep28Tue, Nov 28, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EA 61-year-old has a massive heart attack at work. The air ambulance flies him to University Hospital where the cardiac team prepare for delicate life-saving surgery. S2/Ep27Mon, Nov 27, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAfter swimming, 15-year-old Khaleeq begins to have chest pains. It is vital to get him to A&E as soon as possible as his heart rate is three times the normal speed. S2/Ep26Mon, Nov 27, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAmbulance crews race to a garden where a 14-year-old girl has had a trampoline accident and cannot move. S1/Ep14Fri, Nov 24, 10:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAn eight-year-old girl can't move her fingers on one hand and the team struggle to find out why. S1/Ep13Fri, Nov 24, 10:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EJohn and Deborah are in a car with their granddaughter when it crashes into a lorry. The air ambulance is scrambled but landing proves problematic. S2/Ep25Fri, Nov 24, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAs Sue sits in a pub garden a driver smashes into her table. The car crushes her lower body, breaking her pelvis and leaving burn marks on her stomach and legs. S2/Ep24Fri, Nov 24, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EFairground worker Harry falls from a rollercoaster and is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Medics suspect he is bleeding internally. S2/Ep23Thu, Nov 23, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EForty-four-year-old Sue was competing in a gymkhana when her horse threw her off. The air ambulance arrived on the scene and diagnosed her with concussion. S2/Ep22Thu, Nov 23, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ETony, his wife and 18-month-old son are taken to A&E after their car crashes. And three-year-old Brodie comes in with his mum after sticking a marble in his ear. S2/Ep21Wed, Nov 22, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ESammy falls whilst playing in a football match and is lifted to hospital by air ambulance. He has cracked his tibia, so football will be off-limits for some time. S2/Ep20Wed, Nov 22, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EThe air ambulance flies to the rescue of a 19-year-old man viciously assaulted in a field, and a girl suffers serious back injuries when she's thrown from her horse. S2/Ep19Tue, Nov 21, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ERobert Allmond is knocked down by a car in torrential rain. After ten days in hospital, Robert needs to move in with his mum because his injuries are so debilitating. S2/Ep18Tue, Nov 21, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EIan's lorry collides with a heavy goods vehicle. He is taken to A&E by air ambulance, but a complex operation is needed to pin the bones together using metal rods. S2/Ep17Mon, Nov 20, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ETwenty-one-year-old Jenny is thrown from her horse. A CT scan confirms that she has lacerated her liver and she needs to spend six days in intensive care. S2/Ep16Mon, Nov 20, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EParamedics fear for a 26-year-old rugby player after he leaves the pitch unable to move from the neck down. They fear he may never walk again. S1/Ep12Fri, Nov 17, 10:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&EParamedics race over to a house where a one year old baby has stopped breathing after having convulsions. S1/Ep11Fri, Nov 17, 10:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
A&ENineteen-year-old Adi is hit by a car and thrown onto the road. He is rushed to A&E with a suspected head injury, where he is examined by a specialist. S2/Ep15Fri, Nov 17, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EWilliam is airlifted to hospital after he is thrown off his pony. An X-ray reveals his thigh bone has been snapped in half, so his parents decide it is best to operate. S2/Ep14Fri, Nov 17, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EMatt is involved in a serious crash when he takes part in a motor sports race at Silverstone. With suspected major injuries, the air ambulance arrives within minutes. S2/Ep13Thu, Nov 16, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAfter suffering from the early stages of a heart attack while playing football, Amer is rushed to hospital. In A&E he is given clot-busting drugs and coronary care. S2/Ep12Thu, Nov 16, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&EAn aircraft engineer is airlifted to hospital after he crashes an aeroplane into a wall. He is given the all-clear after a CT scan, but collapses shortly after. S2/Ep11Wed, Nov 15, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ENurse Rose is brought to her own hospital by air ambulance when she is involved in a head-on collision with a lorry. S2/Ep10Wed, Nov 15, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ETeenager Rachel is brought to A&E following a car crash. Meanwhile, Nick has been stabbed by a carving knife and Ignadios is injured in a jewellery shop robbery. S2/Ep9Tue, Nov 14, 11:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
A&ESchoolboy Charlie is taken to A&E with a broken leg. The team also treats Ken's mangled finger, Jane's dislocated shoulder and Mohammed, who has suspected malaria. S2/Ep8Tue, Nov 14, 11:00 AMQuest Red30 mins