Dead Tenants



Dead TenantsMichelle lives alone in a house her grandparents bought in 1920. She has felt ghostly activity there all her life - and is too scared to enter the middle floor. S1/Ep10Thu, Jul 5, 9:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsThe paranormal investigators head to an old horse farm where abnormal presences are felt regularly. History would suggest everything the team have sensed is correct. S1/Ep9Thu, Jul 5, 9:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsLisa Brown runs a junkyard. She and her sister say the land is haunted by their grandmother but their mum thinks they have overactive imaginations. S1/Ep8Thu, Jun 28, 9:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsSince moving into their luxurious home, Jim and Michelle have experienced paranormal activity. They say a crowd of ghosts gathers in the kitchen at night. S1/Ep7Thu, Jun 28, 9:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsFollow the journey of a team of paranormal investigators through the attics, basements, living rooms and backyards of the most haunted houses in the country. S1/Ep6Thu, Jun 21, 9:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsToni and her teenage daughter live alone in a home besieged by a psychic predator. They see it, hear it and are touched by it. They prepare to leave. S1/Ep5Thu, Jun 21, 9:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsFred hasn't slept in weeks. Every night, he is visited by a horrifying figure: a headless, two-year-old boy who appears at the foot of his bed. S1/Ep4Thu, Jun 14, 9:30 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsCivil War soldiers, a demented matriarch and a dead farmer return from the colonial past to terrorise a family living in a historical farmhouse. S1/Ep3Thu, Jun 14, 9:00 PMQuest Red30 mins
Dead TenantsJohn and Wendy Berens fear for their children ever since a black-hooded figure with green eyes and no face crawled across their floor and hit them. S1/Ep2Thu, Jun 7, 9:30 PMQuest Red30 mins