DisappearedWhen Amy disappears, police have a suspect but no crime scene, no body and no evidence. It takes an unexpected informant to blow the case wide open. S1/Ep11Wed, Sep 16, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedA young woman on the brink of starting her dream job disappears, and it's down to forensic officers to gather the clues that may lead to her whereabouts. S1/Ep8Wed, Sep 16, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBilly disappears just after finding out his girlfriend is cheating on him. Is she behind it, or will a perpetrator emerge from beyond the grave? S1/Ep5Tue, Sep 15, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedThe disappearance of a local lawyer paralyses a mountain town in Colorado. Soon clues emerge that the community's idyllic veneer is not all it seems. S1/Ep4Tue, Sep 15, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedMichele hitches from a truck stop and vanishes. But her family never give up hope, and incredibly the case ends, years later, with a miracle. S1/Ep3Mon, Sep 14, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedOn a moonless, windy night Maura's car swerves and leaves the road - she is never seen again. But what happened to her? S1/Ep2Mon, Sep 14, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBethany is pregnant with her lover's baby when she goes missing. Police speak to her cuckolded husband and her new lover; but are they both telling the truth? S5/Ep75Sun, Sep 13, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedMatrice is arrested when she can't pay her restaurant bill; but after cops release her into the night without her car, keys, or cash, she disappears. Where is she? S5/Ep74Sat, Sep 12, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedLee disappeared one morning after leaving a friend. Had he gone into the wilds, or maybe joined the Israeli army? Follow the hunt for this troubled teen. S1/Ep1Fri, Sep 11, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen veteran Michael VanZandt vanishes, police suspect it's a random attacker. But his family are haunted by his thrill-seeking when considering his fate. S9/Ep12Fri, Sep 11, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen popular college student Martin Roberts goes missing, only a cryptic note is left behind. Two years on, his family want to solve the mystery once and for all. S9/Ep11Thu, Sep 10, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen Holly Cantrell never returns home after work, her three sons are distraught. But Holly harboured a web of secrets that may have led to her disappearance. S9/Ep9Thu, Sep 10, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen Tyarra Williams vanishes, tips suggest she may have fallen prey to human trafficking. Does someone in the community know more than they're letting on? S9/Ep7Wed, Sep 9, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedIn 1998, 23-year-old Amy Bradley goes on a family cruise through the Caribbean. After a night out dancing in the ship's disco, she vanishes without a trace. S9/Ep5Wed, Sep 9, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Disappeared19-year-old Logan Schiendelman vanishes after a night out. When authorities find no evidence of foul play, they are forced to examine his family's controversial past. S9/Ep2Tue, Sep 8, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Disappeared35-year-old mum Deanne Hastings leaves a note that she's running to the store, but never returns. As detectives find more information, troubling theories emerge. S8/Ep13Tue, Sep 8, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedA couple vanishes after a date and their families unite to locate them. But will their growing desperation and accusations sunder the investigation? S8/Ep11Mon, Sep 7, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedMon, Sep 7, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBig game hunter Bob is fooled by a predatory con artist and puts a $1000 deposit on a non-existent Thunderbird; but will his search for his money end well? S5/Ep73Sun, Sep 6, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedA young woman visits her boyfriend Risa in New York and is not heard from again. Risa tells her worried family that she left him; but is he telling the truth? S5/Ep72Sat, Sep 5, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Disappeared38-year-old Erick Franks gets life-changing news and drops everything to start a new life. But he never calls home again - and police struggle for answers. S8/Ep9Fri, Sep 4, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen a bible-teacher mum disappears from her family's farm, investigators must decipher a cryptic handwritten note. A walk in the woods uncovers a mysterious skull. S8/Ep8Fri, Sep 4, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen 17-year-old Macin Smith doesn't return from school, his parents fear he is in danger and a note hidden in his wallet leaves his family troubled. What happened? S8/Ep7Thu, Sep 3, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Disappeared19-year-old Angel Garcia disappears after riding his dirt bike. Friends say he was chased by an SUV before he vanished. Months later, a possible sighting raises hopes. S8/Ep6Thu, Sep 3, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen Brianna vanishes in a notorious drug hotspot after dropping out of high school, police fear the beautiful teen was abducted. Are rumours of murder founded? S4/Ep56Tue, Aug 11, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedIs the disappearance of devoted wife and mum, Pat Viola, related to a triple murder in suburban New Jersey? A decade after the case goes cold, detectives find out. S4/Ep55Tue, Aug 11, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAllison Foy goes missing after a night out with friends. Did she leave her kids to escape her stormy marriage, or was she abducted by a predator? S4/Ep54Mon, Aug 10, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAfter Felipe Santos is caught driving illegally he vanishes. When another man goes missing, police are suspicious. Is one of their officers involved? S4/Ep53Mon, Aug 10, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedThree years after a young mum loses custody of her kids and quits New Orleans, her ex-landlady begins to fear for her safety. What happened to Dana? S5/Ep69Sun, Aug 9, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAn unassuming teen disappears after becoming involved with an attractive young mum struggling in a difficult relationship. Where is he now and what is Misty hiding? S5/Ep68Sat, Aug 8, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedA dedicated mother's blood-stained minivan is found abandoned at a roadside at Christmas. Where is Patty, and what does her ex-husband know about her disappearance? S3/Ep39Fri, Aug 7, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedFirefighter Brandy Hall's abandoned and blood-stained truck is found submerged in a local pond. What happened to this popular mum and where is she now? S3/Ep38Fri, Aug 7, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen rebellious teen Samantha Bonnell goes missing, her co-workers claim she just walked out of a cinema and vanished. Are they telling the truth? S3/Ep37Thu, Aug 6, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedSusie, Stacey and her mum go missing from their home in the middle of the night. Is their disappearance linked to the activities of a serial sexual predator? S3/Ep36Thu, Aug 6, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhen high-profile DA Ray Gricar goes missing, his laptop and hard drive are found destroyed in the Susquehanna River. Was Ray murdered, or is he on the run? S3/Ep35Wed, Aug 5, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAfter the death of her parents, undergrad student Leah drops out of college and hits the road, leaving a cryptic note for her friends and siblings. Where is she now? S3/Ep34Wed, Aug 5, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedSixteen-year-old lifeguard Molly Bish goes missing from her work at the local pond. Has she been snatched by a predator, and where is she now? S3/Ep33Tue, Aug 4, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedFree spirit Jeremy is convinced that 'bad men' are out to get him. Is he suffering paranoid delusions or has he run into trouble, and where is he now? S3/Ep32Tue, Aug 4, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedFriends call cops to help them find Toni, who vanished after mixing alcohol with her bi-polar meds on a night out. But is their search about to take a dark turn? S3/Ep31Mon, Aug 3, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBig-hearted Patti clocks out at the end of her shift at the factory and is never seen again. What happened to this popular mum and is a mystery man involved? S3/Ep30Mon, Aug 3, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAn avid scuba diver, Ben McDaniel vanished while exploring a cave and was never seen again. Why do the rescue divers who searched for him believe he was murdered? S4/Ep63Sun, Aug 2, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedClinton has a heart condition, is worried about a narcotics charge, and is unsure if he's about to be a dad when he disappears. Has he run away - or come to harm? S4/Ep62Sat, Aug 1, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedAfter a violent argument with her boyfriend, Roxanne vanishes. What was she doing in an area infamous for drugs and prostitution and where is she now? S3/Ep29Fri, Jul 31, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedFri, Jul 31, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedWhy would a happy family enjoying life in suburban California abandon their pets, home and cash to secretly head into Mexico? Friends search for the McStays. S3/Ep27Thu, Jul 30, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedJeremy is planning for the hunting season when he texts his wife to tell her he is leaving her and their baby. When his car is found torched, she fears foul play. S2/Ep26Thu, Jul 30, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedTom is desperate about his wife's disappearance but when her boss voices doubts about his character to police he falls under suspicion. Can phone records solve the case? S2/Ep25Wed, Jul 29, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBradyn's parents panic when they can't reach him, and their alarm increases when they realise he's stolen a handgun. What is he running from and where is he heading? S2/Ep24Wed, Jul 29, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedLiz and John vanish after meeting with their accountant who they suspect of embezzling funds from their yachting resort. Could he be responsible for their disappearance? S2/Ep23Tue, Jul 28, 2:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
DisappearedBobby and Sherilyn go missing in Oklahoma backcountry with their little girl, leaving their dog abandoned in the car. Is the family lost or is this a murder-suicide? S2/Ep22Tue, Jul 28, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins