ShatteredIn 1993, a woman is shocked to discover her sister and nephew killed in cold blood and a daughter becomes a pawn in a dark and brutal murder plot. S1/Ep6Fri, Apr 26, 9:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
ShatteredIn 1994, a deadly fire claims a victim, leaving her sister shaken - but a detective finds it is no accident. And, a man realises his brother's murderous nature. S1/Ep5Fri, Apr 19, 9:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
ShatteredA woman learns of a serial killer on the loose after surviving a vicious attack. A mother's worst nightmare comes true, and a detective finds he's met the killer before. S1/Ep4Fri, Apr 12, 9:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
ShatteredIn 1994, a murder rocks a family's Christmas celebration. A mum prepares a holiday dinner for a son who never arrives, and a detective unearths a pastor's dark secret. S1/Ep3Fri, Apr 5, 9:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
ShatteredIn 2001, an 11-year-old girl makes a grim discovery in her own home. A woman trying to reach her mum fears the worst, as a detective trailing a serial killer confirms. S1/Ep2Fri, Mar 29, 9:00 PMQuest Red60 mins