Welcome To Killer Town


When is Welcome To Killer Town on?

Welcome To Killer Town23-year-old Sherry Leighty disappears without a trace. The Police take over the investigation and finally uncover a dark secret leading to a shocking discovery. S1/Ep6Sat, Aug 8, 10:00 PMQuest Red60 mins


Welcome To Killer TownWhen 42-year-old Trudy Darby is murdered, and two more local women go missing police fear a serial killer. But a surprising call reveals the true culprits. S1/Ep5Sat, Aug 1, 10:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Welcome To Killer TownPatricia Mills is killed in a house fire in Texas. Detectives believe that the fire was set deliberately, but it will take 10 years to finally trap the culprit. S1/Ep4Sat, Jul 25, 10:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Welcome To Killer TownDonna Fontaine and her boyfriend are found shot dead in a burning house. Detectives face a wall of silence until a jilted lover brings evidence to light. S1/Ep3Sat, Jul 18, 10:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
Welcome To Killer TownWhen 14-year-old Christie Mullins is murdered in Clintonville, Ohio, the crime is unsolved for 40 years - until a young woman identifies her uncle as the killer. S1/Ep2Sat, Jul 11, 10:00 PMQuest Red60 mins