Ghost Adventures


When is Ghost Adventures on?

Ghost AdventuresBannack Ghost Town: Eerie investigations. GAC square up to the gun-slinging ghouls of the Wild West when they explore a ghost town in Montana, including a sinister saloon. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 30, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresBattle of Perryville: Field Hospital: The unshockable trio return to a battle site in Perryville. They check out the last house standing from between the battle lines. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 31, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresGeorge Washington Ghost: More thrills and chills, featuring a paranormal president! Join GAC at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, which is rumoured to be haunted by George Washington. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 31, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresLemp Mansion & Brewery: The GAC grapple with ghouls! They're off to the eerie Lemp Mansion and Brewery in Missouri, but will spooks meet the boys in St. Louis? [AD,S]Mon, Apr 3, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe Myrtles Plantation: Ghoulish investigations. The spirits of slavery linger in Louisiana as the GAC creep around a plantation property with a chilling voodoo legend. [AD,S]Mon, Apr 3, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresQueen Mary: The GAC search for spooks. It's all aboard as the boys head to California to explore the eerie decks of the Queen Mary ship. Will this ghost hunt be smooth sailing? [AD,S]Tue, Apr 4, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresFear Factory: Zak, Nick and Aaron are in for a rollercoaster ride at a Halloween attraction in Utah where a demonic presence is allegedly wreaking havoc. Hold tight, boys! [AD,S]Tue, Apr 4, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresLeap Castle & Hell-Fire Club: Zak, Nick and Aaron go ghost-hunting. The gutsy gang explore Ireland's Leap Castle and Hell-Fire Lodge and face satanism, spooks and a dungeon of death! [AD,S]Wed, Apr 5, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresHeritage Junction: Creepy capers with the Ghost Adventures Crew. Will the guys strike gold as they track gold rush-era spooks at a historic train station in Los Angeles? [AD,S]Wed, Apr 5, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresLoftus Hall: Spooky shenanigans with Zak, Nick and Aaron! Will the boys need the luck of the Irish as they tackle a demonic presence at Loftus Hall? [AD,S]Thu, Apr 6, 11:00 AMReally60 mins


Ghost AdventuresSharon Tate Ghost: Zak, Nick and Aaron quiver at the sinister sights and sounds in Oman House, a mansion linked to the Manson Murders of 1969 and a Native American burial ground. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 29, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresHunedoara Castle: In another spine-tingling edition from Romania, the fearless ghost hunters bed down in the castle where the terrifying Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 29, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresKing's Tavern: The trio who laugh in the face of terror are in one of Mississippi's most elderly buildings, checking out local reports of hauntings. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 28, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresTargoviste Castle and Hoia-Baciu Forest: In their dream location of Romania, the undaunted team visit the home of notorious brute, Vlad the Impaler, and the so-called devil's circle. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 28, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresReturn to Goldfield: Eerie investigations. The team return for a 48 hour investigative marathon to the Goldfield Hotel, Nevada, the site of some of their very best finds to date. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 27, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresAlcatraz: Paranormal investigations. Inside the notorious Alcatraz prison, the team look into claims of glowing red eyes seen inside solitary confinement cell 13. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 27, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresGlen Tavern Inn: Ghosts plus glamour equals riveting viewing! In Santa Paula, actress Brit Morgan and singer Mimi Page join those lucky boys for a seance and tarot reading. [AD,S]Sat, Mar 25, 1:00 AMReally60 mins
New: Ghost AdventuresMore paranormal probing with the GAC. Zak and Aaron reopen their investigation of the creepy Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 24, 9:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresHorror Hotels and Deadliest Hospitals: Broadcast from Zak's homemade dungeon, the ghosthunters recall their most terrifying encounters in a range of creepy hospitals and hotels. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 24, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresMustang Ranch: Investigative reality series. The ghost hunting trio hone their legal skills as they investigate claims that a male spirit is harassing female brothel workers. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 24, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresPrepare to go out of your wits with fear down by the bayou. In New Orleans, the team looks out for the ghost of a small girl which has been caught on camera in a mortuary. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 23, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresTuolumne General Hospital: The fearless investigators do a ward round of the abandoned 19th-century Tuolumne Hospital, where injured miners are said to have suffered horribly. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 23, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresShiver me timbers! Zak, Nick and Aaron are locked down inside a former sailors' home on Staten Island, and experience terrifying shadows and mysterious noises. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 22, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe Pioneer Saloon: Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate a saloon near the site of the plane crash which killed movie legend Carole Lombard, plus a mineshaft jam-packed with ghosts. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 22, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresWyoming Frontier Prison: Those easily scared need not apply. The ghosthunters are locked down in Wyoming Frontier Prison with up to 200 ghosts. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 21, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresHaunted Victorian Mansion: Quake in your boots with the Ghost Adventurers. Just outside Boston, the team check out a 100-year-old haunted mansion, whose previous owners fled. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 21, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresCrazy Town: Hiding behind the sofa may be necessary once more as the fearless trio of ghost hunters investigate the mineral water supply in Texas and reports of ghost sightings. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 20, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresMissouri State Prison: The ghost hunting team bring new meaning to the term 'lock down' as they enter one of the bloodiest and most violent prisons in America looking for ghouls. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 20, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresSedamsville Rectory: Spooky investigations and real hauntings. The ghostbusters call upon a holy man to perform an exorcism after some unsettling discoveries in Cincinnati. [AD,S]Sat, Mar 18, 1:00 AMReally60 mins
New: Ghost AdventuresCreepy capers with the GAC! The team take a nightmarish trip the old Nevada State Prison in Carson City where they try to communicate with the executed inmates. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 17, 9:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresUnion Station: Prepare to be spooked once again as we investigate ghostly goings-on. In Kansas, the team hope to contact the spirits of those massacred at Union Station in 1933. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 17, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresYost Theatre and Ritz Hotel: The fearless spirit hunters check out a club which is said to host not only top-of-the-range DJs, but also a number of ghosts. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 17, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresCripple Creek: Terrifying ghost hunts. Zak, Nick and Aaron are in the mining town of Cripple Creek where a bloody battle once took place between warring Native American clans. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 16, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresBlack Swan Inn: Get your thrills here as the ghost hunters return! This time, the fearless trio are in San Antonio fighting demons on the site of a 19th-century battle. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 16, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresNetherworld Special: Zak Bagans explores mysterious locations with creepy connections to the afterlife. Zak heads to Paris to investigate its spine-tingling maze of catacombs. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 15, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresWayside Inn, Sudbury, MA: Zak, Nick and Aaron fearlessly check in to the Wayside Inn for a Valentine's-themed love-in. Hopefully the ghost of Jerusha Howe won't ruin the mood. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 15, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresPoint Sur Lighthouse: Chilling discoveries. The Point Sur Lighthouse, on the gloriously picturesque Big Sur coast, is still home to those who drowned on the ship 'Los Angeles'. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 14, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresYorktown Hospital: Paranormal investigations. Zak, Nick and Aaron check out an abandoned hospital in Texas, where the ghosts of patients who died there are said to abide. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 14, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresBrookdale Lodge: More creepy ghost action. At the historic Brookdale Lodge, Zak's pet dog Gracie tries to sniff out the spirit of a girl who drowned in the creek in 1918. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 13, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresJerome Grand Hotel: Terrifying travels with the real-life ghostbusters. The team visit Jerome Grand Hotel, said to be the most haunted building in a town known as 'Ghost City'. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 13, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresSpine-chilling spookiness with the Ghost Adventures Crew. The guys head for an Oklahoma house which is reportedly terrorised by a demon. Will a Ouija Board put them in danger? [AD,S]Sat, Mar 11, 1:00 AMReally60 mins
New: Ghost AdventuresUS ghost hunting series. Zak and the crew visit a strange abandoned manufacturing plant in the Arizona desert that became a home for satanic rituals. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 10, 9:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresTor House: The unspookable crew are in California, investigating Tor House, the home of poet Robinson Jeffers. Misty figures by the tower give them the heebie-jeebies. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 10, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresBonnie Springs Ranch: Eerie investigations. Zak, Nick and Aaron watch out for ghostly gunslingers as they visit a Wild West theme park in Nevada that was once a settlers' camp. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 10, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresBlack Moon Manor: More creepy goings-on in the hit US paranormal show. The team investigates demonic hauntings on an old family farm turned scary tourist attraction in Indiana. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 9, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresReturn to Goldfield Hotel: Spooky sightseeing across America. The crew pay another visit to Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, encountering sinister voices and flying rocks. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 9, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresExcalibur Nightclub: Terrifying ghostly happenings. Zak returns to his hometown of Chicago to check out the spooky goings-on in a nightclub and to visit a haunted cemetery. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 8, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresWitch House Lyceum Restaurant: Ghostly goings-on. Zak, Nick and Aaron are in Salem, hoping to contact souls involved in the city's infamous witch trials of the late 17th century. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 8, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresCentral Unit Prison: Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the ghoulish Central Unit Prison of Sugarland, Texas, where more than 100 inmates have met their end in the electric chair. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 7, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresPico House Hotel: Paranormal investigations. The crew team up with another group of ghost-hunters to explore the Pico House in Los Angeles, the scene of racial riots in 1871. [AD,S]Tue, Mar 7, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe Riviera Hotel: Chilling paranormal investigations. This star-studded edition includes a visit from Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil as the team look for Frank Sinatra. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 6, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresKell's Irish Restaurant Pub: Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Seattle to check out an Irish pub that houses more than just alcoholic spirits - the building was once a funeral home. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 6, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
New: Ghost AdventuresSpooky invesigations across the US. Zak and the crew encounter some dark energy and a long-dead prisoner at the Yuma Territorial Prison in Arizona. [AD,S]Mon, Mar 6, 12:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe Exorcist House: Spooktacular series looking at the paranormal. The trio are locked down in the house said to have inspired horror classic The Exorcist for the 100th episode. [AD,S]Sat, Mar 4, 1:00 AMReally60 mins
New: Ghost AdventuresSpooky invesigations across the US. Zak and the crew encounter some dark energy and a long-dead prisoner at the Yuma Territorial Prison in Arizona. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 3, 9:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe National Hotel: Paranormal investigations. Under scrutiny are a haunted hotel in California and the tunnels beneath a nearby brewery, where several Chinese workers perished. [AD,S]Fri, Mar 3, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresVillisca Axe Murder House: Paranormal investigations. Zak, Nick and Aaron hunt for clues at a house in Iowa where eight people were slain in 1912. Can they solve the mystery? [AD,S]Fri, Mar 3, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresShanghai Tunnels: Spooky investigations. The crew explore the Shanghai Tunnels beneath modern-day Portland, which were reportedly used by kidnappers to transport their victims. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 2, 5:00 PMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresSacramento Tunnels: Eerie investigations. Watch from behind the sofa as the team explore the underground tunnels of the original California Supreme Court. [AD,S]Thu, Mar 2, 11:00 AMReally60 mins
Ghost AdventuresThe Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House: Eerie investigations. The fearless ghost hunters hear blood-curdling screams while on the hunt for spirits in two hotels in Arizona. [AD,S]Wed, Mar 1, 5:00 PMReally60 mins