Kitchen SOS


When is Kitchen SOS on?

Kitchen SOSRahman Family: Kerr Drummond and Nadia Sawalha spruce up tired kitchens. In Streatham, they give some urgent help to a real safety hazard of a kitchen (12/20). [S,AD]Tue, Mar 26, 3:30 AMHome30 mins
Kitchen SOSWealleans Family: Another kitchen gets the SOS makeover treatment. They descend on a Maidenhead kitchen where family cats have taken over all the work surfaces (13/20). [S,AD]Wed, Mar 27, 3:30 AMHome30 mins
Kitchen SOSAbdul Family: Kerr Drummond and Nadia Sawalha transform another kitchen. In Liverpool, an indecisive woman tries to come to some firm decisions about a new look kitchen (14/20). [S,AD]Thu, Mar 28, 3:30 AMHome30 mins
Kitchen SOSWigmore Family: Kerr Drummond and Nadia Sawalha rush to help kitchens in need. This time, they head to Basingstoke to create a durable kitchen with added bling (15/20). [S,AD]Fri, Mar 29, 3:30 AMHome30 mins
Kitchen SOSMatt and Craig: Kerr Drummond and Nadia Sawalha help kitchens in need. In Cardiff, Matt and Craig try to turn their kitchen from a glorified corridor to a place to cook (16/20). [S,AD]Sat, Mar 30, 3:30 AMHome30 mins