The Sixties



The SixtiesThe Assassination of President Kennedy: The assassination of President John F Kennedy is examined through eyewitness accounts and details of the original investigation. (S1, ep 3) [S,AD]Sat, Oct 16, 5:00 AMSky Arts60 mins
The SixtiesThe World on the Brink: A look back at the tense political situations that arose in the 60s, from the Cuban missile crisis to the Bay of Pigs Invasion. (S1, ep 2) [S,AD]Fri, Oct 15, 5:00 AMSky Arts60 mins
The SixtiesTelevision Comes of Age: Series exploring the changing face of America throughout the 60s, starting with a look at the groundbreaking television that shaped the nation. (S1, ep 1) [S,AD]Thu, Oct 14, 5:00 AMSky Arts60 mins
The SixtiesSex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: A look at America's changing morality during the 60s, from views towards sex and the use of drugs to a newfound expressiveness through music. (S1, ep 10) [S,AD]Wed, Oct 13, 5:00 AMSky Arts60 mins
The SixtiesThe Times They Are A-Changin': A look at the changing social landscape of America in the 60s, from growing environmental concerns to civil rights and the women's movement. (S1, ep 9) [S,AD]Tue, Oct 12, 5:00 AMSky Arts60 mins