Bar Rescue



Bar RescueReality series with Jon Taffer. A Puerto Rican bar owner berates his staff and sons in front of customers. Can Jon deflate the owner's ego in order to save his business? (S4 Ep 4)Thu, Oct 27, 1:55 AMSpike55 mins
Bar RescueOwner Ousted: US reality series. A former navy man who cannot run his bar properly and lets his partner run wild has Jon employing drastic measures. (S1 Ep 18)Mon, Oct 17, 9:05 AMSpike55 mins
Bar RescueReality series. Jon Taffer's team is attacked in a New York sports bar brawl after rowdy customers discover that they are being served cheap booze at premium prices. (S4 Ep 2)Thu, Oct 13, 9:00 AMSpike55 mins