The Lady Killers


When is The Lady Killers on?

The Lady KillersWhen seemingly healthy John Proctor was found dead at home, police were stumped. But, a woman in his family was hiding a dark secret that lead to his death. S1/Ep1Mon, Mar 1, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
The Lady KillersA love triangle between two sisters and one of their husbands led to a shocking murder. Detectives look back at the case that proved love can ruin any family bond. S1/Ep2Tue, Mar 2, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins
The Lady KillersChristopher Donnelly was found battered with 78 visible injuries in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. His wife, Hannegret, had been abusing him at home for years. S1/Ep3Wed, Mar 3, 1:00 PMQuest Red60 mins