Traffic Cops: Under Attack



Traffic Cops: Under AttackObservational documentary series. A speeding murder suspect is pursued through downtown Bradford, and a speeding car thief picks a fight with a tree. (S2 Ep 5)[S]Mon, Oct 2, 10:00 PMSpike60 mins
Traffic Cops: Under AttackYorkshire's traffic cops are in hot pursuit of some criminals dragging a generator with just one wheel across the county, and a van full of contraband in Bradford. (S2 Ep 4)[S]Mon, Sep 25, 10:00 PMSpike60 mins
Traffic Cops: Under AttackA driver nearly causes carnage to make sure his takeaway stays hot, a large cannabis stash is found at the scene of a crash, and a drunk driver gets caught short. (S2 Ep 3)Mon, Sep 18, 10:00 PMSpike60 mins
Traffic Cops: Under AttackAction-packed highlights from the documentary series following Yorkshire-based law enforcers. Can the cops stop a nighttime riot from breaking out in Bradford? (S2 Ep 1)[S]Mon, Sep 4, 10:00 PMSpike60 mins