Close Encounters



Close EncountersA Christian youth group has assembled for a retreat on a hillside when they see what they think is a falling star. But when the star lands opposite them, things begin to get weird.Mon, Nov 27, 4:30 amTCC30 mins
Close EncountersAn Australian rancher goes to check out what is frightening his herd, when he spots a large object hovering above a large water tank, which then speeds off into the distance.Mon, Nov 27, 4:00 amTCC30 mins
Close EncountersA police officer is on patrol when he suddenly hears a loud roar in the distance and sees a flame rising into the air. As he gets close he spots an oval-shaped object lifting off.Mon, Nov 27, 3:30 amTCC30 mins
Close Encounters16 year old Ron Johnson is feeding the family sheep when he suddenly sees a mushroom-shaped object appearing in the field emitting a blinding light. Could it be a UFO?Mon, Oct 9, 4:30 amTCC30 mins
Close EncountersIt's 11am at the Westall School in Melbourne, Australia when a classroom of students playing outside see a saucer-shaped object in an adjacent field. But could it be aliens?Mon, Oct 9, 4:00 amTCC30 mins
Close EncountersAs Captain Terauchi and his Japanese airline crew travel across Alaska, they encounter blindingly bright lights flying in their airspace. Could extra-terrestrials be to blame?Mon, Oct 9, 3:30 amTCC30 mins