My Dream Home


When is My Dream Home on?

My Dream HomeTime to witness another transformation from dump to dream home! In between places and forced to crash with friends, Jeanette and Tony are desperate to buy a new house. [S]Thu, May 30, 10:00 PMHome60 mins


My Dream HomeMatt and Krysten: Matt and Krysten are trading their condo for a modern house, but Matt won't leave their pricey neighbourhood while Krysten wants to buy cheaper.Sun, Oct 28, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeSamira and Shawn: Property experts Jonathan and Drew help busy medical professionals Samira and Shawn find their budget-friendly dream home.Sun, Oct 21, 4:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeSarah and Mari: Crammed in close quarters with her sister's family, Sarah and partner Mari desperately look for a house where they can raise their baby daughter.Sun, Oct 21, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeKristine and Paul: Jonathan and Drew come to the aid of Kristine and Paul, young parents who are desperate to move out of their apartment into a big new home.Sun, Oct 14, 4:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeApril: Working long hours and eager to upgrade her starter home, April turns to property experts Jonathan and Drew to help her find a new house.Sun, Oct 14, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeLuke and Courtney: Cramped in a tiny flat with newborn twins and a young daughter, Luke and Courtney are desperate to buy a new house. Can Jonathan and Drew help?Sun, Oct 7, 4:00 AMTCC60 mins
My Dream HomeKristi and Jay: Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help couples find, buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers in North America into their ultimate dream home.Sun, Oct 7, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins