Pawn Stars


When is Pawn Stars on?

Pawn StarsLock, Stock and Pawn: Rick checks out various curious items including a 19th-century Hobbs & Co lock box and an original Woody Woodpecker painting.Fri, Mar 1, 5:00 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsPawn No Evil: Chum checks out a Japanese animatronic monkey - is it worth a pretty penny or is the seller going to make a monkey out of him?Fri, Mar 1, 5:30 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsPawn of Liberty: Rick feels some good vibrations when an original Beach Boys surfboard rides into the shop, then checks out a unique painting of the Statue of Liberty.Sat, Mar 2, 5:00 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsHidden Pawn: A set of playing cards from 1769 with a hidden political message shuffles into the shop, while Corey checks out a set of Charlie's Angels figurines.Sat, Mar 2, 5:30 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsStairway to Pawn: Rick checks out a bass guitar signed by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones and The Who's John Entwistle, but is he all about that bass?Sat, Mar 2, 8:00 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsCapture The Pawn: Rick prepares for war when a rare 1589 manual for war practices and fortifying defences comes into the store.Sat, Mar 2, 8:30 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsNo Pawn for You!: A signed script from Seinfeld hits the store, while Chum and Corey go over a barrel for a vintage Donkey Kong arcade machine.Sat, Mar 2, 9:00 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsFirst Lady of Pawn: Rick grapples over a decision when a WWE Hall of Fame ring hits the store.Sat, Mar 2, 9:30 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsPawn in Space: Explore the cosmos with the Pawn Stars when a cast signed helmet from the 1960's TV show 'Lost in Space' orbits the shop. Will Rick think it's out of this world?Tue, Mar 5, 5:00 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn Stars$=MC2: The guys try to stay focused when an iconic photograph of Albert Einstein arrives in the shop. Later, they are presented with confidential documents from the Pentagon.Tue, Mar 5, 5:30 amBlaze30 mins
Pawn StarsPawn of the Seas: Rick dives into a big deal involving an 18th-century sea map from the legendary Captain Cook. Meanwhile, Chumlee's after a Saturday Night Live prop.Wed, Mar 6, 5:00 amBlaze60 mins
Pawn StarsPawn to the Rescue: First, Rick embarks on a search for his very own fire truck. Then he joins Corey on a hunt for an exclusive item from Hunter S Thompson.Thu, Mar 7, 5:00 amBlaze60 mins
Pawn StarsPawn Off the Grid: As Rick finds out what's inside a Funko Pop! Mystery Box, Corey and Chumlee ring up Rick Dale to rescue one of our very first fire alarm systems.Fri, Mar 8, 5:00 amBlaze60 mins


Pawn StarsE Equals MC Pawn: The guys check out handwritten math by Albert Einstein, an antique headlamp tester, and a prop from the horror movie, Child's Play.Sat, Mar 18, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsWish a Pawna Star: A seller brings in some vintage Disneyland employee costumes, and Corey lights up when a rare 'Smoking Hamilton' currency printing error comes through the doors.Sat, Mar 18, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsSlice And Dice: When a seller brings in an antique key gun, can the Pawn Stars unlock the mystery behind it?Sat, Mar 11, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsPawn v Ferrari: Corey and Chum pay a visit to a classic car showroom to see a series one Shelby. Will Rick put the pedal to the metal or pump the brakes?Wed, Mar 1, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsWho's Pawning With Me!: Rick jives with the Jackson Five when an original autograph makes its way into the shop.Tue, Feb 28, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsCorey's House of Blues: A signed BB King guitar takes centre stage at the shop. Then, Chum and Rick check out a house full of pop art inspired by Andy Warhol.Sat, Feb 25, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsA Demon of a Deal: All engines rev when Corey flips a limited-edition Dodge Demon. Then, an antique license plate rolls in, which might result in a gold rush for the shop.Fri, Feb 24, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsThe Chuminator: Rick and Chumlee head to Los Angeles to 'terminate' a deal on several iconic set pieces from the movie. Then, Corey rocks out with some Alice in Chains memorabilia.Thu, Feb 23, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsA Game of Pawns: A limited edition autographed Game of Thrones item is up for grabs. Will Rick be able to make this deal before winter comes?Wed, Feb 22, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsPawn to the Rescue: First, Rick embarks on a search for his very own fire truck. Then he joins Corey on a hunt for an exclusive item from Hunter S Thompson.Tue, Feb 21, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsHe Shoots, He Pawns: Rick gets hold of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's prized personal memorabilia and correspondence from General George Armstrong Custer. Can he seal the deals?Sat, Feb 18, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsPink Trains and Open Flames: Chumlee is fired up to make a deal on one of Elon Musk's most popular toys. Then, a limited-edition train set chugs its way into the shop.Fri, Feb 17, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsUnited States of Pawn: $1million is on the line when a photograph of the Lincolns arrives at the shop. Next, an Easter egg signed by the Bush family sends Chumlee hopping.Thu, Feb 16, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsTriple Crown Pawn: Corey bets it all on an original Triple Crown Trophy. Later, a Civil War relic causes a divide between Rick and a customer. Who will win this tug of war?Wed, Feb 15, 4:10 amTCC50 mins
Pawn StarsMini Miles: Rick stumbles upon what could be one of the first Barbie dolls ever made while visiting his good friend Marie Osmond at her long-running Vegas show.Thu, Feb 2, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsBalloon Payments: Rick calls in a surprise expert to value a Ronald McDonald balloon inflator. Corey takes a stab at purchasing a vintage spear.Thu, Feb 2, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsA Killer Cap: Rick checks out a top hat and pistol that once belonged to a Jack the Ripper suspect, and a garden gnome stained glass lamp lights up the pawn shop.Wed, Sept 28, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsBlades of Deal: Among the curios in the shop today: a 1984 Ferrari 308, a phone-operated music player from the 1930s, and a cowboy hat that belonged to actor Larry Hagman.Wed, Sept 28, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsUltimate Fighting Pawn: Chumlee sells one of Rick's prized Japanese katanas to UFC president Dana White.Tue, Sept 27, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsRoyally Pawned: A set of royal British armour has Rick suiting up to strike a bargain. Also, the guys look at a movie script from comedy duo Abbott and Costello.Fri, Sept 23, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawnie and Clyde: The guys check out handwritten memoirs from a member of Bonnie and Clyde's gang, and an original version of the classic board game Game of Life.Fri, Sept 23, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsFri, Sept 9, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsFrontier Fortune: A letter from pioneer Ezra Meeker and a set of commemorative Oregon Trail coins are brought into the shop, along with a Gibson lap steel guitar.Fri, Sept 9, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsSpider Pawn: Get fired up with the Pawn Stars when Rick investigates a rare 1936 Zippo lighter prototype. Will Rick light the fire on a sale or extinguish the deal?Wed, Sept 7, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsUp Up and Away!: It's up, up and away with the Pawn Stars when Rick and Corey check out an original Superman costume. Can Rick's super strength lift what the seller is asking?Wed, Sept 7, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawnball Wizard: A rare Captain Fantastic pinball machine comes into the shop, and Corey is offered a Leroy Neiman painting of Marilyn Monroe performing at JFK's birthday party.Tue, Sept 6, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsUnder Pressure: Corey checks out a Rolex water pressure tester, while Rick sets his sights on a drawing by John Lennon.Tue, Sept 6, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsCutting Edge Pawn: Featuring a pre-Revolutionary America pewter tankard, postcards by American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and a 1960s Hydro-Cycle Barracuda watercraft.Sat, Sept 3, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsWound Up Rick: The action in the shop focuses on Rick as he gets wound up trying to complete some deals.Sat, Sept 3, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsMy Country, Pawn of Thee: Warm up your vocal chords with the Pawn Stars when handwritten lyrics to 'My Country, 'Tis of Thee' come into the shop.Fri, Sept 2, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsKiller Pawn: Scream bloody murder when a shower curtain signed by Anthony Perkins from the psychological thriller Psycho lurks into the shop.Fri, Sept 2, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsFour Score and Seven Pawns: Pull the trigger with the Pawn Stars when an 1800s Colt revolver barrels into the shop. Will Rick lock and load or get gun shy?Thu, Sept 1, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsGotham Pawn: Items include limited edition Batman and Joker Bolin guitars, a bronze sculpture by ML Snowden and a pair of signed Betty Crocker letters.Thu, Sept 1, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsAll Pawns on Deck: Batten down the hatches as 18th century engravings of the Spanish Armada dock in the shop. Will Rick carve out an offer?Wed, Aug 31, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsSmokin' Pawn: Flip a coin as a 1944 steel cent rolls into the shop. Will Rick be a penny pincher or will he call the sale in the air?Wed, Aug 31, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsDeath and Taxidermy: Items include a 1547 edition of 'The Dance of Death,' two sculptures from Dr Seuss' taxidermy collection and a tear-gas baton.Tue, Aug 30, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPops Pawn: Rick gets a taste of British sweets when a Smarties dispenser is brought into the shop. Will it strike a good deal? Only Smarties have the answer.Tue, Aug 30, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsMad Deals: Cruise the streets with the Pawn Stars when a 1969 Triumph Motorcycle gets Rick's engine roaring. Will he ride to an offer or will it veer off-road?Mon, Aug 29, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsNapoleon Complex: A letter said to be signed by Napoleon makes Rick stand to attention. Is it the real deal or will it come up short?Mon, Aug 29, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawntucky Derby: The Pawn Stars head out to see a 1980s Sigma Derby horse-racing game, and a 1940s Moby Dick Classic Comic sails into the shop.Fri, Aug 26, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawning Pistols: A pair of Duck's Foot pistols send the guys off to the gun range. Will Chum prove he's top gun?Fri, Aug 26, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsLongshot Pawn: Rick takes aim at a very rare Nepalese Bira gun from the late 1800s, then later sounds off with a three-trumpet brass horn.Thu, Aug 25, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawn Awakens: A one-of-a-kind Star Wars Boba Fett prototype jetpacks into the shop. Will Rick pay the bounty or will the deal end up in the Sarlacc Pit?Wed, Aug 24, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawn With the Wind: Can the Pawn Stars trust a dollar bill supposedly signed by Clark Gable while he served in WWII? Corey and Chumlee are presented with a double barrel shotgun.Wed, Aug 24, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsWild Thing: An A6 Texan fighter plane is on offer, along with a collection of Civil War-era cannon balls. Rick takes a trip down memory lane when he's offered a 1974 VW Thing.Tue, Aug 23, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsJames Gang Rides Again: A seller brings in rare original photographs of Old West outlaw Jesse James, and Chumlee checks out a Leslie organ speaker from the 1950s.Tue, Aug 23, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsHole in One: The Pawn Stars try to secure a rare 1830s musket made by cotton-gin inventor Eli Whitney, a golf ball owned by President Johnson and a 1929 World Series press pin.Mon, Aug 22, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsPawnocchio: Can the Stars pull some strings and make a deal when some hand crafted Pinocchio dolls walk into the shop? Later, a guy brings in a Cy Young baseball card from 1909.Mon, Aug 22, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsLes is More: A 1961 Les Paul SG guitar owned by a member of Les Paul's family and a copy of National Geographic's issue covering the Apollo 11 moon landing from 1969 are on offer.Fri, Aug 19, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Pawn StarsCash Cash Bang Bang: The Pawn Stars are amazed when a super-valuable first issue Spider-Man comic book is brought into the shop.Fri, Aug 19, 4:10 amTCC25 mins