Shipping Wars



Shipping WarsReady, Set, Pedal!: Jarrett faces problems aplenty when he hauls a pedal pub, while it's almost 'game over' for Jenn as she struggles with an overwhelming arcade load.Sat, Dec 7, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsBidder Bee-Ware!: Marc may have agreed to transport four million bees across the country, but can he stop his flighty load from jumping ship?Sat, Dec 7, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsBroken Down and Busted: Roy books a complicated Linotype machine, but things get really complicated when he thinks he breaks it en route, Can he fix it?Thu, Dec 5, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsCrypto-Prank-Ology: Marc's friend finally wins a load, but Marc has a prank in store for him. Jennifer has to get a cold, creepy, oddity to its destination before it thaws.Wed, Dec 4, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsDysfunction Junction: Chris and Robbie make a bet when they convert one of their rigs to run on veggie oil. There are problems when Roy tries to jumpstart his son in the business.Tue, Dec 3, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsMonkey Business: Jarrett learns why they say "never work with kids or animals" after he books a load of monkeys, while Marc's patience vanishes when he works with a magician.Tue, Dec 3, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsIf the Boat's a Rockin': Marc's on the sidelines with big rig repairs until his buddy joins the bidding. Chris transports a boat by sea, but are his cute shipmates too distracting?Sat, Nov 30, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsBig Idea, Bad Idea: Chris and Robbie haul an enormous spider to an amusement park with a strict delivery schedule. Roy moves his largest-ever cargo - a 42-foot water tower.Fri, Nov 29, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsWings, a Prayer, and a Know-It-All: Chris and Robbie do their first 'motherload' - a vintage DC-7 plane. Roy helps a community to rebuild their homes after devastating fires.Thu, Nov 28, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsWheels of Misfortune: Jarrett endures the worst load of his career with a carriage too large for his trailer. Jennifer must hire help to assist with the loading of a carnival ride.Thu, Nov 28, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsFlux Capacity: Roy's truck comes to a screeching halt when it breaks down for the last time, while Jarrett delivers a $150,000 restored DeLorean to a nit-picking customer.Wed, Nov 27, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsPlanes, Pains and a Spire of Flames: Jennifer troubleshoots the biggest load of her career - a Mini-Max plane - that tests her patience.Wed, Nov 27, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsFrom Sphere to Infinity & Beyond: Roy shows his softer side by offering to deliver a coin-operated ride to a boy who just lost his father.Sat, Nov 23, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsLove at First Flight: Jennifer tries to get a sensitive parrot to his owner before depression sets in and Roy gets delayed after his truck breaks down.Fri, Nov 22, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsThe King and His Axe: Chris and Robbie transport two pieces of music history owned by 'The King' himself.Fri, Nov 22, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsMay the Ship Be With You: Roy lands the shipment of his dreams when he gets to haul some large one-of-a-kind props from his favourite sci-fi movie.Wed, Nov 20, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsJennifer's Arch: Jennifer may have taken her livestock specialty too far when she tops the transporters in an auction to ship a number of small animals.Tue, Nov 19, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsCamel in Tow: Jennifer uses her experience transporting livestock to win a camel shipment from Oklahoma to Vermont.Sat, Nov 16, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsBullship: When livestock hits the uShip auction, Jennifer makes her move and wins a haul of two bucking bulls. Marc gets a fragile experimental aircraft.Fri, Nov 15, 3:30 AMTCC30 mins
Shipping WarsCash For Tanks: After Marc battles it our with the other transporters he wins a load of two military tanks heading across the country.Fri, Nov 15, 3:00 AMTCC30 mins