Swamp People


When is Swamp People on?

Swamp PeopleGator Gauntlet: As a new 'gator season begins in Southern Louisiana, hunters across the state return to the swamp with more on the line than ever before.Mon, Feb 25, 2:00 PMBlaze60 mins
Swamp PeopleHunter or Hunted: Only a few days into 'gator season, Troy and his son Jacob have over 300 tags remaining. They head toward a new honey hole - an area with many large 'gators.Tue, Feb 26, 2:00 PMBlaze60 mins
Swamp PeopleShooting Wild: With new challengers on the swamp, the race to catch the biggest 'gators quickly has never been tougher. But when you're moving fast...a lot can go wrong.Wed, Feb 27, 2:00 PMBlaze60 mins
Swamp PeopleHot Pursuit: Legendary Cajun Troy Landry has hired lady 'gator hunter Liz Cavalier, and on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but there are still a lot of 'gators to catch.Fri, Mar 1, 2:00 PMBlaze60 mins


Swamp PeopleSwamp Showdown: Hunters try to fill their tags before time runs out. As Troy and Junior head to run their final lines, the bayou buzzes with sightings of a giant 'gator.Thu, May 3, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins
Swamp PeopleHouse Divided: One team could let personal differences derail their season. After more than 20 years working together, Joe and Tommy have decided to part ways.Sat, Apr 28, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins
Swamp PeopleRising Pressure: With only eight days left in the season, the old hot spots are completely fished out. To stay in the game, hunters venture into new grounds.Fri, Apr 27, 3:00 AMTCC60 mins