WW2 Treasure Hunters


When is WW2 Treasure Hunters on?

WW2 Treasure HuntersSpitfire: Treasure Hunters Suggs and Stephen Taylor are on the trail of an iconic Mark IX Spitfire in Belgium.Sun, Dec 3, 6:00 amBlaze60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersForgotten Bomber: The WW2 Treasure Hunters are in Northern France looking for the remains of an RAF Fairey Battle bomber plane shot down during the days after Dunkirk.Mon, Dec 4, 11:00 pmBlaze60 mins


WW2 Treasure HuntersAmerican Fly Boys: Suggs and WW2 militaria expert Stephen Taylor bring forgotten stories of World War II back to life by unearthing artefacts from sites across the UK.Mon, Jul 6, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersBomb Factory: Suggs and Stephen are back on the hunt for more relics from World War 2, and hope searching the site of a bomb factory won't yield anything too explosive.Sun, Jul 5, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersD-Day Undercover: Suggs and WW2 expert Stephen uncover more historical finds across the UK, this time looking for relics of the 1944 D-Day operation.Sat, Jul 4, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersAmerican Bombers in Suffolk: During WW2, Suffolk was home to 32 airfields that served as stations for US bombers. Suggs and Stephen hunt for relics of the visiting aircraft.Fri, Jul 3, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure Hunters82nd Airborne and German POWs: Suggs and Stephen go in search of relics from the United States' elite 82nd airborne infantry division.Thu, Jul 2, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersTank in a Vineyard: Suggs and Stephen continue their hunt for buried WWII treasure with a lead on a tank in a vineyard.Wed, Jul 1, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersDouglas Bader and the Duxford Flyers: Suggs and WWII expert Stephen hunt for souvenirs left by flying ace Douglas Bader and the legendary Duxford Flyers.Tue, Jun 30, 4:00 amTCC60 mins
WW2 Treasure HuntersGerman Bomber in Liverpool: Suggs and WWII militaria expert Stephen Taylor unearth artefacts from former military sites - starting with a German bomber found in Liverpool.Mon, Jun 29, 4:00 amTCC60 mins