Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures



Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresWorking Mom: When Margaret hesitates to take a promotion at her job, Barbie and her sisters work together to prove to their mother that they can handle extra responsibilities. (S2 Ep8)Mon, Aug 17, 8:31 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresBarbie's Dance Dilemma: Ken asks Barbie to help him invite Harriet to a school dance. Despite her mixed feelings, Barbie agrees to do it, because what are friends for? (S2 Ep7)Mon, Aug 17, 8:00 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresGetaway and Got Away: Instead of enjoying a relaxing spa weekend with their friends, Ken and Barbie end up on a batty adventure to keep the owners grandson out of trouble. (S1 Ep22)Mon, Aug 17, 3:01 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresRoom Swap: When they get into a fight, Barbie volunteers to swap rooms with her sisters Skipper and Stacie. Eventually all of the Roberts sisters learn no roommate is perfect. (S1 Ep21)Mon, Aug 17, 2:30 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresBasket Case: Barbie offers to help Renee build her school basketball team by trying out, but she soon realises that she is not as great as she thought she would be. (S2 Ep6)Fri, Aug 14, 8:31 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresSister Class Act: On her first day back at school, Barbie learns that Golden Beach High's newest student is none other than Tammy, her opponent from the baking competition show. (S2 Ep5)Fri, Aug 14, 8:00 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresBarbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid - Part 2: With her sisters in trouble for a prank gone wrong, its up to Barbie to prove their innocence and catch the real thief. (S1 Ep25)Thu, Aug 13, 8:00 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresAll Dogs go to the Beach: When dogs get banned from the beach, Barbie and Nikki decide to fight City Hall. Victory looks certain until Poppy Reardon joins the case. (S1 Ep18)Thu, Aug 13, 3:01 PMTiny Pop31 mins
Barbie Dreamhouse AdventuresA Delicate Situation: Barbie tries to help Renee find a talent to impress her family in China, but can't bear to reveal the truth about how far from perfect Renee's talents really are. (S1 Ep17)Thu, Aug 13, 2:30 PMTiny Pop31 mins