When is Gigantosaurus on?

GigantosaurusTalent-o-saurus: Rocky decides he doesn't have to practise for a talent show - he always wins everything. But when your partner in the show is Giganto, you can't take anything for granted! (S1 Ep20)Sat, Dec 2, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA New Home for Leon: The four friends decide to help their new friend Leon, an archelon, relocate to the lake. Rocky leads the charge to get him there, but they leave their supplies behind. (S2 Ep20)Sat, Dec 2, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Walnut Goblin: Bill is supposed to go with Tiny to play with Pride and Joy, Hegan's new babies, but along the way they spot of field of walnut shells. (S3 Ep20)Sat, Dec 2, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusMarsh The Raptor: The raptors trick Marsh into thinking they're playing a game with him, but they're really trying to sabotage Gigantosaurus. It's the four little dinos to the rescue! (S1 Ep21)Sun, Dec 3, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusArcheop-Tricks: When T-Rex teases Archie about being unable to fly, Mazu comes to his defense with a "tail" tale: She tells T that Archie can't fly. (S2 Ep21)Sun, Dec 3, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Sleepover: When one of Mazu's science experiments backfires, the dinos have to evacuate the den for the night. But where will they sleep? (S3 Ep21)Sun, Dec 3, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusInvisi-bill: Bill's friends pretend Bill is invisible so he can win at hide-and-seek. But Bill is convinced he really is invisible and can confront anyone - including Gigantosaurus! (S1 Ep22)Mon, Dec 4, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusPlink, Plonk, Plunk: The four dinos meet three new friends in the lake: Plink, Plonk and Plunk, three dolphin-like ichtyosars. The friends bond with them but Bill feels left out. (S2 Ep22)Mon, Dec 4, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusRocktastrophe: Rocky becomes so fixated on "helping" that he doesn't stop and think first about what he is doing and instead of helping his friends out in various situations. (S3 Ep22)Mon, Dec 4, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusDinosia: The four friends are a little down on Cretacia: nothing new ever happens. So Ayati sends them off on a quest to find a legendary land call Dinosia... (S1 Ep23)Tue, Dec 5, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusRugo the Roommate: When Rugo's burrow floods, the foursome invite her to come live with them and make herself at home. Rugo takes that too literally, and soon is making a mess of the place. (S2 Ep23)Tue, Dec 5, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Bravest: Sometimes Bill wishes he could be as brave as Rocky decides to teach him. To Rocky, bravery is just a matter of training yourself not to be afraid. (S3 Ep23)Tue, Dec 5, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusDiffering Dino Tales: When a runaway boulder ruins one of Mazu's inventions, she wants to find out who set it in motion. Her three best friends each think they know: Giganto. (S1 Ep24)Wed, Dec 6, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusBlind to Fashion: When a banana peel gets stuck to the top of Giganto's head, everyone in Cretacia wants to be just like him and wear one too! (S2 Ep24)Wed, Dec 6, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusMarsh's Lullaby: When the four dinos discover Marsh has an interesting talent, they embark on getting Marsh to help them get the ingredients they need for an excellent lunch. (S3 Ep24)Wed, Dec 6, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusBig Bill: Bill is tired of being a little brachiosaurus. He wants to be! So he sets out to find a mystery dino who knows the secret to growing big. (S1 Ep25)Thu, Dec 7, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusDon't Bug Bill: Bill isn't afraid to admit it - bugs make him squeamish. So when Mazu decides to have a show featuring all the cool things bugs do, Bill runs off with Marsh. (S2 Ep25)Thu, Dec 7, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA Job Half Done: Rocky is psyched - today is the day they're having a big game of Dino Dash... if he could just find the game board in the mess in the den. (S3 Ep25)Thu, Dec 7, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA Very Sticky Problem: Mazu gets to see life through a raptor's eyes when she gets stuck to Cror by some tar. Will they have to rely on Giganto to tear them apart? (S1 Ep26)Fri, Dec 8, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Caterpillar Contest: When the four dinos save four little caterpillars from Termy, they decide to have a contest to see who can best take care of their caterpillar. (S2 Ep26)Fri, Dec 8, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Butterfly Effect: The dinos are so excited to see the beautiful Empress butterflies as they pass by on their annual migration. (S3 Ep26)Fri, Dec 8, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins


GigantosaurusSleepless in Cretacia: The four little dinos are heading to the Frozen Land for a day of sledding, and Marsh wants to join them. Problem is, Marsh hasn't had his nap yet. (S3 Ep19)Fri, Dec 1, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusGood Idea: After visiting the Frozen Land on a hot summer day, Mazu realizes that more snow than usual is melting, which means the river will overflow and flood Cretacia! (S2 Ep19)Fri, Dec 1, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusGiganto's Laugh: Best friends Tiny and Mazu are opposites: Where Tiny is silly, Mazu is serious. But both learn to be more like the other when they have to treat Giganto for a toothache. (S1 Ep19)Fri, Dec 1, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusBrother Bill: Bill sets out with Rocky and the babies to find some special bananas in the maze. Along the way he starts to feel as if his baby sister Leena might like Rocky. (S3 Ep18)Thu, Nov 30, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusSecret Saurus: When the four dinos celebrate "Secret Saurus" and give each gifts, Rocky is unhappy with the present Tiny gives him, which appears to be an oddly shaped rock. (S2 Ep18)Thu, Nov 30, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusTreasure!: All of Cretacia goes crazy over a beautiful pebble. As everyone jockeys to claim the treasure for themselves, there's only one dino who keeps his head: Gigantosaurus! (S1 Ep18)Thu, Nov 30, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusHooray for Totor: When Totor sees other dinos get awarded for things they do or make at the Cretacian Fair, he realizes no one ever cheers for him. (S3 Ep17)Wed, Nov 29, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusTop Dino: As part of her triceratops' training, Tiny is declared Top Dino for the day. She is hesitant to take on the task. (S2 Ep17)Wed, Nov 29, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusSeeing Stars: When Mazu pulls her three beasties away from a big party to help her map the stars, the raptors play a howl of a prank on them. (S1 Ep17)Wed, Nov 29, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusTricksterotops: When the four dinos discover Missy is good at magic tricks, they encourage her to do a magic show. Tiny has stars in her eyes. She's always wanted to be in a show. (S3 Ep16)Tue, Nov 28, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusDinos to the Moon: It's a big day for Mazu - she's built a rocket to fly to the moon with her three best friends! (And Rugo, who stows away.) (S2 Ep16)Tue, Nov 28, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusFrozen Giganto: After Giganto disrupts Bill's coconut lunch, the little brachio has had it. He wishes Gigantosaurus would just go away and leave them alone forever! (S1 Ep16)Tue, Nov 28, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusCouncil of Wise Dinos: Mazu has always been an admirer of the Council of Wise Dinos, a group of thoughtful elders who settle disputes and solve problems for Cretacians. (S3 Ep15)Mon, Nov 27, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusParty of One: Bill wants to have a small, quiet dinner party featuring his favorite fruit with his favorite three friends, but his besties don't listen to his wishes. (S2 Ep15)Mon, Nov 27, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusPlease Don't Pick The Flowers: Bill accidentally changes Cretacia's ecosystem when he eats too many rare swamp flowers. (S1 Ep15)Mon, Nov 27, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusMr. Careful: Rocky wants to give his little cousin Rolo and exciting tour of Cretacia, but his kart breaks down. So Mazu lends Rocky her kart. (S3 Ep14)Sun, Nov 26, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusMini Giganto: The friends are doing a spring cleaning and offering their gently used stuff to others - except Rocky, who doesn't want to part with anything. (S2 Ep14)Sun, Nov 26, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusNo Joke: When her friends don't seem interested in her jokes, Tiny goes to play with Dilo. Little does Tiny know, Dilo's way of joking is to pull pranks - even on Giganto. (S1 Ep14)Sun, Nov 26, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusSleeping Spinosaurus: When one of Mazu's experiments goes awry, the four dinos have to find another place to sleep for the night. (S3 Ep13)Sat, Nov 25, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA New Best-T: When Giganto doesn't seem interested in playing with Rocky, he finds a new "Big Guy" to play with. (S2 Ep13)Sat, Nov 25, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThink Quick!: Mazu gets frustrated at how slow she runs. But when she and her friends have to outrun Giganto, it's Mazu's quick thinking that saves the day. (S1 Ep13)Sat, Nov 25, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Missing Manual: When Patchy discovers Mazu keeps a record of everything she knows in her Gigantopedia, he just has to borrow it for a while. It feels great to be smart! (S3 Ep12)Fri, Nov 24, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusCoconuts for Coco-Phones: Mazu invents the coco-phone and turns Cretacia upside down. Everyone seems to love them... except Giganto. (S2 Ep12)Fri, Nov 24, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Biggest Hero: Rocky, who's used to being the hero in the group, gets jealous when Tiny suddenly becomes Cretacia's go-to hero! (S1 Ep12)Fri, Nov 24, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Tooth Fairy: Rocky is so excited when he witnesses Giganto losing a tooth because that means the Tooth Fairy will visit and leave loot! (S3 Ep11)Thu, Nov 23, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusSuper Marsh: Marsh admires the four little dinos. They each have talents that are like super powers. The stego searches for his power as he leads the foursome on a journey. (S2 Ep11)Thu, Nov 23, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA Tiny Triumph: When the four dinos must find their way home from deep in the desert, Tiny's friends she would focus on the task at hand instead of her art. (S1 Ep11)Thu, Nov 23, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusTiny Tells: When Tiny warns everyone about a small volcanic eruption, she likes the attention she gets from announcing the news. So she decides to start a news service. (S3 Ep10)Wed, Nov 22, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusGiganto Games: It's time for the annual Giganto Games, when three teams of dinos get randomly paired in competitions that honor Giganto's speed, strength and agility. (S2 Ep10)Wed, Nov 22, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Imitator: Rocky gets annoyed that Marsh is copying him, while Rocky does the same with Giganto. But when Rocky puts himself in danger, it's a good thing his "shadow" is around! (S1 Ep10)Wed, Nov 22, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusFriendship Cards: Tiny is tired of dinos not getting along in Cretacia! So she invents a game called Friendship Cards, which pairs one dino with another they have nothing in common. (S3 Ep9)Tue, Nov 21, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusSingosaurus: Tiny is in charge of the music for the Food Festival, and she recruits Trey and Cror to sing in her band. They both have beautiful voices, but their personalities clash. (S2 Ep9)Tue, Nov 21, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusBecause Triceratops!: Tiny struggles to get serious when it's time to perform a triceratops rite of passage. But when her brother Trey annoys Giganto, can Tiny's playful ways save the day? (S1 Ep9)Tue, Nov 21, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Perfect Bone: When Rugo and Ignatius each find the same semicircle-shaped bone, they both think it's perfect for different reasons. (S3 Ep8)Mon, Nov 20, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusA Giganto Gallery: When Marsh steps on one of Tiny's blank canvases with paint on his feet, Tiny thinks he has a talent for art and wants to show his work in her art show. (S2 Ep8)Mon, Nov 20, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Island: The tables are turned when timid Bill and brave Rocky end up stranded on an island in the lake. Why is it that Rocky is suddenly the scared one? (S1 Ep8)Mon, Nov 20, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusKing of the Horseshoe Crabs: When Rocky inadvertently does a favour for the horseshoe crabs, they are so grateful they treat Rocky like a king. (S3 Ep7)Sun, Nov 19, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusAyati's Big Birthday: It's Ayati's birthday, and it's a BIG one - 200! The four little dinos want to each give her a present. Rocky wants to give her the best present ever! (S2 Ep7)Sun, Nov 19, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusAir Archie: Mazu fashions Archie a pair of wings to help him fly. But when the two of them crash land on Giganto's back, Archie discovers his true talent is in his feet. (S1 Ep7)Sun, Nov 19, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusRainbow's End: When the four dinos learn the myth about a treasure at the end of a rainbow, Rocky is not going to let anything get in the way of finding that treasure! (S3 Ep6)Sat, Nov 18, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusWait for It: The gang, along with Marsh, discover the extremely rare and extremely yummy lulu fruit growing in the jungle. But the currently purple lulu can't be eaten until it turns pink. (S3 Ep5)Fri, Nov 17, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusOnce in a Pink Moon: Bill is not a big fan of trying new things. In fact, when his three friends try to get him to try cool new stuff, he tells them he will... when the moon turns pink. (S2 Ep5)Fri, Nov 17, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Lost Egg: Rocky must suppress his "tough dino" side and learn to be gentle with an egg he's found. But when the egg rolls in Giganto's direction, can the ultimate tough dino do the same? (S1 Ep5)Fri, Nov 17, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusTermy Steps Out: Termy wants to visit her good friend Hegan's new babies, Pride and Joy. But her nest is on the other side of Cretacia - she'll never get there! (S3 Ep4)Thu, Nov 16, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusGuardians of the Herds: The little dinos discover that Trey and Hegan have started a dino protection service. Rocky and his friends apprentice as Guardians-in-Training. (S2 Ep4)Thu, Nov 16, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusDon't Cave In: After her brother Trey warns the little dinos about a cave monster named "Shriekasaurus," Tiny finds she must lead her friends through the scary cave... (S1 Ep4)Thu, Nov 16, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusAdventures in Egg Sitting: The four little dinos are called to a special mission: watching Hegan's two eggs, which are soon to hatch. (S3 Ep3)Wed, Nov 15, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusRocky the Record Breaker: When Rocky learns of a dinosaur named Roger who broke 99 of 100 incredible records, he sets out to break all of Roger's records. But poor Rocky can't break one! (S2 Ep3)Wed, Nov 15, 2:00 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusThe Crevice: When a large crevice rips through the ground, trapping the four little dinos in Giganto's path, Bill must overcome his fear to rescue them. (S1 Ep3)Wed, Nov 15, 1:48 amTiny Pop12 mins
GigantosaurusBubble Bill: When Bill realizes just how indestructible weird fish bubbles are, he decides to live inside one. It's the safest place to be - now nothing can harm him! (S3 Ep2)Tue, Nov 14, 2:12 amTiny Pop12 mins