When is Monchhichi on?

MonchhichiIt's Photo Time!: Aikor casts a bad spell on Scoop's camera: every time he takes a group photo of the Monchhichi, they end up imprisoned inside the snapshot! Luckily, the team are exempt. (S2 Ep12)Tue, Dec 5, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiThe Chhinana Ghost: It's time for the great Chhinana Festival! As part of the celebration preparations, the Monchhichi Tribe heads off to harvest glowing chhinanas at night. (S2 Ep13)Wed, Dec 6, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiMaster Leafy: Following an accident during the Dream Elixir manufacturing process, Sylvus winds up with Acute Babble-itis, making him act like a baby all over again! (S2 Ep14)Thu, Dec 7, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins


MonchhichiMy Kingdom For A Wig!: Aikor winds up wig-less! Frantic, he takes Twig prisoner so she'll make him a new one. But she waxes super picky, really putting the Nasties through the wringer! (S2 Ep11)Mon, Nov 27, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiMagic Chalk: Twig finds a piece of magic chalk that can control the Monchhichi's actions. But Aikor manages to get his mitts on the chalk and he commands Sylvus to bring him a Glowing Fruit. (S2 Ep10)Sun, Nov 26, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiKauri The Big Chhichi: When one of Aikor's spells goes awry, Kauri winds up crazy strong! But he's having trouble controlling this new power, causing accidents. (S2 Ep9)Sat, Nov 25, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiThe Sparkle Language Mystery: Stampy finds herself unable to write the correct addresses on the Tsurus! Ever since she inhaled a sparkelina seed, all she can speak is sparkle-language! (S2 Ep8)Fri, Nov 24, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiAikor The Star: After being made a laughing stock, Aikor takes Scoop captive, intent on coercing him into writing an article hailing the magician's conquest of the Dream Tree. (S2 Ep7)Thu, Nov 23, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiAikor's Eyes: Aikor uses his "sight stones" to spy on the Monchhichi. Then he sends them anonymous letters, each one revealing the various tribe members' secrets. (S2 Ep6)Wed, Nov 22, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiTiny Willow, Huge Hero: In order to escape from the Nasties, Willow must spray himself with Monchhibonzai tree sap, making himself shrink to the size of a monchhibug! (S2 Ep5)Tue, Nov 21, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins
MonchhichiThe Path Of Dreams Part 1: The Dream Tree's reporter, Scoop, is planning to take the big Tsuru made for the Great Annual Pleasant Dreams Celebration and fly into the Children's World. (S2 Ep3)Sun, Nov 12, 1:36 amTiny Pop12 mins