Deadliest Catch


When is Deadliest Catch on?

Deadliest CatchThe season closes with a fierce storm, a great prank on the Northwestern by the crew of the Time Bandit and the departure of one of the fleet's most valued fishermen. S7/Ep8Tue, Aug 27, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchMassive change strikes every returning boat as Opilio Season begins. Edgar finally says goodbye to the Northwestern and a new captain boards the Cornelia Marie. S7/Ep9Tue, Aug 27, 3:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchIce and injuries have the captains considering desperate measures as the fleet battles for survival in the face of an epic arctic hurricane. S7/Ep10Wed, Aug 28, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchAs winter storms rip through the crab grounds, the Ramblin' Rose takes a big risk and the Time Bandit courts danger at the dock. S7/Ep11Thu, Aug 29, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchA crewman on the Seabrooke narrowly avoids serious injury. Meanwhile a loose pot turns into a half-ton wrecking ball on the Kodiak. S7/Ep12Fri, Aug 30, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins


Deadliest CatchDeckhand Freddie celebrates a bumper catch on the Cornelia Marie by smearing cod blood across his face - but will his rituals protect their run of good luck? (S6 Ep2)Wed, Jan 16, 6:50 AMTravel Channel50 mins
Deadliest CatchAs the new crab season opens captains poach deckhands, families fall out, and the fleet loses a fishing boat. Who can keep their cool and land a bumper catch? (S6 Ep1)Wed, Jan 16, 6:00 AMTravel Channel50 mins