Deadliest Catch


When is Deadliest Catch on?

Deadliest CatchJake's dark secret sets off a fistfight that throws Edgar's new captaincy into jeopardy. Meanwhile, tempers flare when Elliott grows wise to Junior's devious ways. S9/Ep6Mon, Jun 17, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchKing Crab season comes to an end and the fleet pull up their last pots. Young captain Jake Anderson struggles with the decision to leave the Northwestern. S9/Ep7Tue, Jun 18, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchThe Time Bandit crew races back to the dock after an accident. Will they be able to catch up with the others and reap the rewards of the rich opilio season? S9/Ep8Wed, Jun 19, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchA storm strikes the fleet only weeks into the opilio crab season. As the captains celebrate their first pots, can they all stay afloat and keep their catch? S9/Ep9Thu, Jun 20, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Deadliest CatchAs the fleet battles through a major arctic storm, Junior risks everything to get back in the game, and the greenhorns struggle to keep up with their crews. S9/Ep10Fri, Jun 21, 2:00 PMQUEST60 mins


Deadliest CatchDeckhand Freddie celebrates a bumper catch on the Cornelia Marie by smearing cod blood across his face - but will his rituals protect their run of good luck? (S6 Ep2)Wed, Jan 16, 6:50 AMTravel Channel50 mins
Deadliest CatchAs the new crab season opens captains poach deckhands, families fall out, and the fleet loses a fishing boat. Who can keep their cool and land a bumper catch? (S6 Ep1)Wed, Jan 16, 6:00 AMTravel Channel50 mins