The Wonder of Animals



The Wonder of AnimalsCold Blooded Killers: Fresh research and archive footage highlight successful animal adaptations. The specialised circulatory system of a crocodile helps it to breathe underwater. [S]Thu, Jan 25, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins
The Wonder of AnimalsSurvivors: Chris Packham explores the success stories of the animal kingdom. The legs, wings and body of a penguin are specially adapted to help them conquer a range of habitats. [S]Wed, Jan 24, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins
The Wonder of AnimalsColonisers: Ingenious adaptations of the animal kingdom. Chris Packham champions the amazing work of ants and explains how they have worked together to achieve global success. [S]Tue, Jan 23, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins
The Wonder of AnimalsOpportunists: Learn about some amazing animal adaptations. Bears are specially adapted to thrive in varying climates across the world, from tropical jungles to the Arctic Ocean. [S]Mon, Jan 22, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins
The Wonder of AnimalsSuper Brains: Discover how the world's most successful animal groups adapted to survive and prosper. Learn about the complex communication methods that help dolphins to hunt. [S]Fri, Jan 19, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins
The Wonder of AnimalsPredators: Series profiling some of world's best adapted animals. Find out what makes big cats such good hunters, and how birds of prey have adapted to dominate the skies. [S]Thu, Jan 18, 1:00 PMYesterday60 mins