A New Life in the Sun: Where...

Thu, Nov 30, 10:05 am - 60 mins - More 4

...Are They Now?: After launching a successful brewery in France, have a couple become victims of their own success? And will it be a bumper year for two olive farmers in Spain? (S3 Ep9/10) [S]

littleBe: Bob the Builder

Thu, Nov 30, 10:50 am - 15 mins - ITVBe

Scoop Cries Wolf: CGI-animated adventures of the popular builder and his friends. Scoop gets bored during his day off. [S] S1 Ep49


Thu, Nov 30, 9:30 am - 90 mins - TalkingPictures TV

1947. Crime. Directed by Anthony Mann. Stars John Ireland, Sheila Ryan & Hugh Beaumont. A beautician and her boyfriend frame an innocent man after their attempt at robbery goes wrong. [S]

Escape To The Country

Thu, Nov 30, 10:00 am - 60 mins - HGTV

Prospective buyers around the UK wanting to swap hectic city living for a home in the country are shown an array of beautiful rural properties. S17/Ep3