Four in a Bed

Tue, Nov 24, 5:00 PM - 30 mins - Channel 4

At The Falcon Retreat in Godreaman, some of the guests are wowed by the views, but breakfast doesn't sit well with everyone, and one couple's feedback has the hosts sharpening their talons. [S]

5 News At 5

Tue, Nov 24, 5:00 PM - 30 mins - Channel 5

National and international news.

Secret Life of Boys

Tue, Nov 24, 5:00 PM - 25 mins - CBBC

The Darkness. During a power cut, the family play a sinister board game that pushes them to the brink. Ethan becomes Thane, changing his name and his look. [S,AD]

Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom

Tue, Nov 24, 4:15 PM - 60 mins - BBC TWO

2/3. Three-part series examining the harsh elements and rich rewards of the Alaskan wilderness. Summer is a narrow window of plenty, when the land is bathed in 24-hour sunlight. Also in HD. [S,AD]

Antiques Road Trip

Tue, Nov 24, 4:30 PM - 45 mins - BBC ONE N West

12/25. Phil devours tree sap in the Highlands and a wee scone in Scone, while Tim joins the Highland charge at Killiecrankie. But whose Scottish antiques will shine in Worcestershire? Also in HD. [S]