Sky News

Thu, Jan 18, 11:00 PM - 30 mins - Sky News

Anna Botting with the main news of the day from Sky News correspondents around the UK and around the world. [S]

New Tricks

Thu, Jan 18, 10:20 PM - 60 mins - Drama

What you can't teach an old dog, obviously. An episode from the first series as James Bolam, Dennis Waterman and experienced detective friends probe a case of art forgery. [AD,S]

Never Let Go

Thu, Jan 18, 9:30 PM - 110 mins - TalkingPictures TV

1960. Crime. Director: John Guillermin. Stars Peter Sellers, Adam Faith & Richard Todd. A London garage owner who makes extra cash dealing in stolen cars, asks Tommy Towers to steal a 1959 Ford Anglia

Cowboys & Aliens

Thu, Jan 18, 9:00 PM - 140 mins - Film4

(2011) Sci-fi western starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. A brutal cattle baron and his amnesiac enemy are forced to cease their feuding when a town is attacked by aliens. Violence.


Thu, Jan 18, 10:10 PM - 70 mins - ITV4

Spy thriller starring Sean Connery and Honor Blackman, 1964. James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve while investigating a gold smuggler. [S,AD]

Family Guy

Thu, Jan 18, 10:50 PM - 30 mins - ITV2

If I'M Dyin, I'M Lyin: Animated comedy. Peter's little white lie about Chris having done his homework snowballs into far bigger lies - until Peter is worshipped as a god. [S,AD]


Thu, Jan 18, 9:00 PM - 135 mins - movies4men

Gene Hackman stars in this crime thriller as a jewel thief who finds himself at tense odds with his longtime partner, a crime boss (Danny DeVito) who sends his nephew to keep watch. (2001)