Scream Street

Sat, Oct 21, 7:15 AM - 10 mins - CBBC

Mother of All Scares: Animated series. Luke goes home to find that Otto has moved in after fleeing Sneer Hall to escape a visiting relative with a bit of a temper. Also in HD. [S]

Home Shopping

Sat, Oct 21, 6:00 AM - 60 mins - Home

Shopping from home.

Garage Gold

Sat, Oct 21, 6:50 AM - 20 mins - Travel Channel

Picker's Payday: If the guys can decipher the valuables from the junk, they might strike it rich. Garage Brothers uncover puzzling farming gear and an especially rare tube radio. (S3 Ep9)

Larry King Now

Sat, Oct 21, 6:30 AM - 30 mins - RT

Larry King brings you newsmakers of every stripe - from world leaders and entertainers to regular people changing the world or caught in the crossfire of the biggest stories of the day. Fun and quirky

Captain Flinn And The Pirate...

Sat, Oct 21, 6:45 AM - 15 mins - POP

...Dinosaurs. Enchanted Skull: Safe and sound on Bag O' Bones Island after a busy day of pillaging, the pirate dinosaurs set aside their cutlasses and play a game of pirate badminton. (S1 Ep14)


Sat, Oct 21, 6:00 AM - 60 mins - Yesterday

The cheery quiz show that's quickly become an audience favourite. Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman ask contestants to find obscure answers to tricky trivia questions.