Our Welsh Chapel Dream

Channel 4

Thursday 23 May 2024  03:55 - 04:50 (55 mins)
With planning permission granted, Keith and Marj get to work removing the pews, parquet floor and pulpit in the main hall, and make a discovery in the Sunday school ceiling vents. (Ep3/4) [AD,S,SL]

Mentioned: Keith, Marj, Robat, Oldrich, Capel Salem, Brilliant, Pwllheli, North Wales, Hang, Bore, Life, Erfyl, Welsh, Grade II, Budvar, Fitzwilliam, Diolch, Ughhh, Henry, Multistorey, Woo

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Our Welsh Chapel Dream (Channel 4) Thursday 23 May 2024 03:55 - 04:50