Emmerdale is an ITV soap opera set in the Yorkshire Dales.

When is Emmerdale on?

EmmerdaleBilly struggles to juggle his conflicting priorities, Tom manipulatively throws Belle under the bus, and Ella panics when Liam suggests staying at her place. [S,AD]Mon, May 20, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleBilly struggles to juggle his conflicting priorities, Tom manipulatively throws Belle under the bus, and Ella panics when Liam suggests staying at her place. [S,AD]Mon, May 20, 8:30 pmITV1+130 mins
EmmerdaleWill encourages Dawn to go home and make up with Billy, Ella's behaviour leaves Mandy confused, and Caleb and Ruby are eager for retribution. [S,AD]Tue, May 21, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleWill encourages Dawn to go home and make up with Billy, Ella's behaviour leaves Mandy confused, and Caleb and Ruby are eager for retribution. [S,AD]Tue, May 21, 8:30 pmITV1+130 mins


EmmerdaleNicky continues to fight for his life, Ella and Liam are smitten as they settle down to wine and a picnic, and Amy reluctantly agrees to give Pollard one last chance. [S,AD]Mon, May 13, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleEthan is covering his guilt, Kerry confronts Pollard, and Kim is frustrated. [S,AD]Fri, May 10, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleNicky plans his future, Paddy consoles Marlon, and Kerry needs to raise money fast. [S,AD]Wed, May 8, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom and Belle welcome their guests for dinner, but tension simmers at the table as we see behind the closed doors of a marriage. [S,AD]Tue, May 7, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom has a bad day at work, Belle feels the pressure, and Moira meets Ruby for lunch but has revenge in mind. [S,AD]Mon, May 6, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom spots something up with Belle, Ruby starts a vicious rumour about Moira, and Dawn and Billy cling to each other. [S,AD]Fri, May 3, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleBilly gives some bad news to the family, Moira and Ruby are at loggerheads, and Belle is worried that she could be pregnant. [S,AD]Thu, May 2, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleA bruise turns Dawn and Billy's lives upside down, Chas faces her new reality head on, and Moira is delighted when Isaac shows interest in the farm. [S,AD]Wed, May 1, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleManpreet has messed up, Chas is struggling over how her body has changed, and Nicola has a new distraction. [S,AD]Tue, Apr 30, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleManpreet misfires, things are bad between Marlon and Rhona, and Charity pulls Mack up over his attitude. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 29, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleKim confronts Will about his lies, Belle still feels insecure, and Manpreet feels disheartened. [S,AD]Fri, Apr 26, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleWill meets a face from his past, Manpreet has a plan, and Tom plays games. [S,AD]Thu, Apr 25, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleRhona takes to the stand in court, Manpreet has a crush, and Belle sees Tom's game. [S,AD]Wed, Apr 24, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRhona and Gus strike a deal to put Ivy first, Vinny is upset, and Sarah sees the perks of working in the garage. [S,AD]Tue, Apr 23, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleBelle is shocked to see Vinny, a battered Billy starts his PT business again, and Cain needs help at the garage and so ropes in a reluctant Sarah. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 22, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleVinny is in a bad way, Tom hopes that he won't be found out, and Victoria is at the mercy of a conniving Jai. [S,AD]Fri, Apr 19, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom lashes out, Victoria makes a big decision, and Charity wants things to be normal. [S,AD]Thu, Apr 18, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleKerry has an admission, Tom heads off knowing that he's got eyes still trained on his home, and it's wedding day for Matty and Amy. [S,AD]Wed, Apr 17, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleIt is Rhona's day in court, Kerry makes a big decision, and Cain needs to pick a side. [S,AD]Thu, Apr 11, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleBilly commits to a new idea, Charles and Manpreet get caught up in a lie, Tom sabotages Belle and Vinny's friendship, and Ruby's gathering descends into chaos. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 8, 7:00 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleKerry has a surprise, Matty gets emotional on his stag do, and Ruby despairs. [S,AD]Fri, Apr 5, 7:00 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom loses control, Kerry makes a big promise, and Claudette has an apology to make. [S,AD]Thu, Apr 4, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleChas tries to break Aaron's barriers down, Jacob has some crushing news, and Victoria's guilt is overwhelming. [S,AD]Tue, Apr 2, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleChas questions Aaron, Paddy, Rhona and Vanessa have some devastating news, and Jai does his best to hide his guilt. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 1, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleLiam tries to confront Aaron, Moira is heartbroken for her son, and Caleb makes a big decision. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 29, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleJai has a proposal for Amit, Nicky convinces Ruby to apologise, and Tracy makes a drunken decision. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 28, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdalePaddy and Mandy seek their fairy-tale ending, Tom has a surprise for his wife, and Amit coolly spies an opportunity. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 27, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdalePollard pleads with Jai to believe his suspicions about Amit, Marlon persuades Paddy to lay it all on the line for Mandy, and Tom is miffed by Vinny and Belle's closeness. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 26, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdalePollard is determined to keep digging, Nicky is astonished by his mum's behaviour, and a careless word reignites controlling Tom's ire. [S,AD]Mon, Mar 25, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleLiam is delighted when Ella agrees to go on a date, Paddy is concerned, and Vinny is intrigued. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 22, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTom's abuse escalates even further, Amit puts pressure on Pollard, and Mandy is furious about Marlon's blunder. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 21, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleThe Dingles get their test results, Aaron tells Chas a lie, and Mandy discusses her relationship troubles with Belle. [S,AD]Mon, Mar 18, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdalePaddy is heartbroken to catch Chas in a vulnerable state, sparks fly in the surgery as Ella and Liam bond, and Belle's chances of completing her proposal drastically diminish. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 15, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleAaron and Cain are tense as they wait for news on Chas, a struggling Nicola breaks down in helplessness, and Mary shows Rhona images of Ivy that she found on Gus' social media. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 14, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleMandy is shellshocked when Paddy reveals that he kissed Chas, and Angel says an emotional goodbye to her family and Bob manages to offer her a word of consolation. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 13, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleJimmy struggles to lift Mack's spirits when he gets confused after finding that Charity is gone and that her car has broken down at the side of a country road. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 12, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleTracy is downhearted, Kerry spoils for a fight, and Angel and Nicola resolve to make the most of their final few days together. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 8, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRuby wants Caleb to prove that his loyalties lie with her, Kerry arrives in the village, and Charity feels overwhelmed. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 7, 7:30 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleAaron and Cain take a step further towards reaching a truce, Caleb is incredulous, and Mack is relieved. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 6, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleNate turns to violence, Aaron requests a referral for the gene test, and Vanessa and Suzy kiss. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 5, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRuby is suspicious, Chas is bolstered by Aaron's support, and Rhona realises that Gus is deceiving her. [S,AD]Mon, Mar 4, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleChas is supported by her friends and family, Belle is left feeling confused by Tom's attitude, and Moira is worried about the potential of Cain having a faulty gene. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 1, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRhona has a decision to make, Chas reveals the cause of her cancer to her family, and Belle is regretful. [S,AD]Thu, Feb 29, 7:00 pmITV160 mins
EmmerdaleApril continues to struggle, Rhona intends to plead 'not guilty' at her trial, and Tom makes Belle feel guilty. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 28, 7:00 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleCharity issues a heart-breaking ultimatum, Tom gives Belle the silent treatment, and Suzy and Vanessa have a flirtatious encounter. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 27, 7:00 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRhona is painfully aware how she's letting her family down, Jimmy and Nicola realise that there's nothing more they can do, and Tracy is defeated. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 23, 7:00 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleNicola and Jimmy receive the date for Angel's sentencing, Charity is plagued by nightmares of Harry, and Tom is intent on being in control. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 21, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleThere's a tense interaction between Jai and Amit, Rhona and Marlon seek legal advice, and Nicola and Jimmy are heartbroken for their daughter. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 20, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleRuby approaches Kim with an offer, Suni misleads Jai, and Tracy urges Nate to let her return home. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 19, 7:30 pmITV130 mins
EmmerdaleThere's a shock for Tracy as Caleb is eager to rectify things with his family and gets some advice from Kyle regarding Cain. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 16, 7:30 pmITV130 mins