Auction Hunters



Auction HuntersHome on the Gun Range: The guys head to California. Ton and Allen uncover a 1940s arcade game, a 1901 Winchester shotgun and an antique crossbow that they test at the range.Wed, Jan 5, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Auction HuntersGangster Whiskey: Ton discovers 1920s prohibition whiskey that may have been smuggled by Al Capone, but will he sell it or swig it?Wed, Jan 5, 4:10 amTCC25 mins
Auction HuntersStrat'ed For Cash: Ton and Allen uncover a Maui Blue '70s Fender Stratocaster and a rare 1936 jet-inspired Schwinn. but will this rusty bike rake in the riches?Tue, Jan 4, 4:35 amTCC25 mins
Auction HuntersTon's Got a Gun: The guys enter a high-stakes bidding war and discover a depression-era slot machine, a custom mini-bike and a Wild West 1880s Colt Peacemaker.Tue, Jan 4, 4:10 amTCC25 mins