Storage Wars Texas



Storage Wars TexasBubba and the Chocolate Factory: Mary experiments with some new bidding calls, Moe experiences a bomb scare and Bubba and Ricky indulge their sweet tooth.Sun, Jan 2, 3:25 amTCC20 mins
Storage Wars TexasMoe's Def: As the auction season ends in Fort Worth, Moe the junk-hoarding foot doctor returns for his annual purchase.Sun, Jan 2, 3:00 amTCC25 mins
Storage Wars TexasBuilt For Pleasure Not Speed: The auction action goes down in the east Texas town of Longview. Lesa and Jerry play their home-field advantage, locking horns with Jenny and Mary.Sun, Dec 26, 3:25 amTCC20 mins
Storage Wars TexasStowe-Age Wars: The East Texas town of Tyler hosts the auction - Kenny Stowe's territory. Ricky and Bubba throw down the gauntlet as they take him and the locals on.Sun, Dec 26, 3:00 amTCC25 mins
Storage Wars TexasHoarder Patrol: The buyers compete with huge crowds in Hallsville, where Mary and Moe go all-out on a locker they know will make Moe's wife angry.Thu, Dec 23, 3:25 amTCC20 mins
Storage Wars TexasThrow Momma From the Auction: Moe gets on the wrong side of Mary when he buys a risky locker in Lancaster. Jenny causes a stir when she brings her mother to the auction.Thu, Dec 23, 3:00 amTCC25 mins
Storage Wars TexasThe Ninja and the Pitmaster: A stranger on a motorbike raises prices and eyebrows in DeSoto. With just four lockers up for grabs, the bidding wars are fiercer than ever.Wed, Dec 22, 3:25 amTCC20 mins
Storage Wars TexasDarth Victor: Jenny squares off against arch-rivals Ricky and Bubba in order to win her dream locker. Plus, one buyer discovers their dark side on the way to a big victory.Wed, Dec 22, 3:00 amTCC25 mins
Storage Wars TexasNight of the Pondering Dead: In the small town of Ponder, people pounce on the lockers like hordes of zombies.Mon, Dec 31, 4:00 amTCC30 mins
Storage Wars TexasBubbapocalypse Now: Ricky finds a collectable coin that may save the world from the Mayan Apocalypse, and tensions run high as Bubba turns against Victor.Mon, Dec 31, 3:30 amTCC30 mins
Storage Wars TexasThe Cock Fighter From Mexico: The buyers are confronted by a mysterious man in black who shows up to buy a locker full of Willie Nelson memorabilia.Mon, Dec 24, 4:00 amTCC30 mins
Storage Wars TexasMon, Dec 24, 3:30 amTCC30 mins