Dixon of Dock Green

TalkingPictures TV

Wednesday 3 April 2024  19:20 - 20:00 (40 mins)
The Hot Seat. 1960. Stars Jack Warner, Moira Mannion & William Mervyn. George, his daughter, Andy and Grace go on a trip to France, but whilst there they go up against a "hot seat" theft scam. [S]

Mentioned: Andy, Sarge, George, Paris, Crawford, Treadgold, Ames, Dixon, N0, George Dixon, French, Mary, Henri, Oui, Joyce, Sergeant, Grace, Monsieur Cordeau, Lauderdale, Alf, Mr Treadgold, Check, CID, Clean, Green, MaCPherson, Pete, Sergeant Crawford, Public, Waiter

Dixon of Dock Green (TalkingPictures TV) Wednesday 3 April 2024 19:20 - 20:00