Grizzy and the Lemmings

Sun, May 19, 3:15 pm - 10 mins - CBBC

Substitute Egg. Grizzy and the Lemmings attempt to take back a chocolate egg from a group of penguins. [S]

Hey Duggee

Sun, May 19, 3:10 pm - 10 mins - CBeebies

The Get Well Soon Badge. Animated preschool series. Norrie is sick. Can the Squirrels think of something to cheer her up? Happy suggests a get well soon card! Also in HD. [S,SL]


Sun, May 19, 2:10 pm - 60 mins - 5USA

The NCIS team re-examines an ambush on a group of Special Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple is attacked in the same area six months later. (S13 Ep18)[AD,S]

Grizzy and the Lemmings

Sun, May 19, 3:00 pm - 10 mins - CBBC

Surprise Deglaciation. The Lemmings find an ice block that holds a frozen prehistoric animal. [S]

The Game Catchers

Sun, May 19, 2:55 pm - 10 mins - CBeebies

We Can't See You in the Dark. The Game Catchers team up with piggy aliens to play lawn bowling. Also in HD. [S,SL]


Sun, May 19, 2:00 pm - 60 mins - Quest Red

19-year-old Logan Schiendelman vanishes after a night out. When authorities find no evidence of foul play, they are forced to examine his family's controversial past. S9/Ep2