Watch Freeview over the Internet

There are so many options to choose from, including free and paid, but they basically can be summarised into 2 sections - Video On Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming.

Video on Demand is a way to pick an individual programme and watch instantly via the Internet. Live Streaming is a way to watch Freeview live over the Internet without an aerial.

Freeview Live Streaming

BBC iPlayer Live

This service from the BBC is integrated into the iPlayer and features all the BBC channels to watch.

ITV Player Live

A live service offering all of ITV's channels to watch online. Supported by ads and registration required.

Channel 4 Live

This service offers all of Channel 4's channels online. Supported by ads and registration required.

Connect TV

Connect TV which is integrated into some Smart TVs and offers extra channels.

Freeview VOD Players


The Freeview channels themselves offer free VOD catch-up via their website and integrated set-top boxes and entertainment hubs.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer offers most programmes that have been aired on the BBC channels including, BBC ONE, BBC TWO, BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, BBC Parliament, CBBC & CBeebies.

ITV Player

ITV Player offers most of ITV's line-up of programmes from channels such as ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.


4od is Channel 4's on demand service offering programmes from Channel 4, 4Music, 4seven, E4, More 4 and Film4.

Demand 5

Demand 5 is Channel 5's catch-up service featuring programmes from Channel 5, 5 STAR and 5 USA.


There are paid Freeview VOD services available when you've missed episodes or don't want the advertising on the free services above. These include Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, YouView, Virgin Media On Demand, TalkTalkTV, Sky Go, Blinkbox, NowTV. The landscape is constantly changing and they all offer differing amounts of Freeview programmes to stream so it's worth checking before you buy.